Best Dolphin Tours On Oahu

Best Dolphin Tours On Oahu

For many people swimming with dolphins is something that they have always dreamed of doing. 

That is why Dolphin Tours on Oahu are an incredibly popular activity for tourists and locals alike. The ability to get into the water with these amazing marine mammals and see them in their natural habitat is an incredible opportunity that many have never thought possible. 

What is it about dolphins that we find so mesmerizing? Is it their beautiful movement, their intelligence, or perhaps their playfulness?

Whatever it is, dolphins are incredible creatures that just about everyone finds as fascinating as they are captivating.

What To Expect With Oahu's Dolphin Excursions

Getting ready to swim with the dolphins? Not sure what to expect?

During your incredible dolphin excursion, you can expect to see some of the playful spinner dolphins that live here in the beautiful blue waters around our island. You will get the chance to take amazing photos from the boat before heading into the water so don’t forget to bring your camera. 

You will want to capture this once-in-a-lifetime memory on camera to look back on for years to come. Watch and enjoy as they dance and leap through the air, spinning, twisting, and playing with one another. 

It truly is a treasure to see these dolphins in their natural habitat. Sometimes, if you are lucky, we will see bottlenose dolphins or some spotted dolphins depending on the time of year. We’ve also been known to see some humpback whales that migrate to our waters during the winter season to mate. 

Once it is time to get into the water we can begin to snorkel. When you dolphin snorkel on Oahu you will have the chance to see other colorful marine fish, and even Hawaiian sea turtles. 

However, this is the part of the trip that we need to take a little more consideration and care once we get into the water. 

How to Swim with Dolphins On Oahu

Swimming with dolphins is such an exciting experience that it is easy to forget that we are entering their home. And whenever you are a guest in someone else's home, you need to show them respect. 

Dolphins are social creatures which makes them great to interact with. These incredible mammals are also intelligent and emotional, which means their mood can change quickly.

Just remember that you need to respect their space and let them decide how close they want to get to you.

When you swim with dolphins on Oahu there are rules and regulations that you need to remember to follow. Staying at least 50 yards back is the recommended distance when watching or swimming with dolphins/turtles. However, they are allowed to approach you and get as close as they decide.

It is against the law to harass or pursue (chase/swim after) dolphins or sea turtles. If they decide to swim away or stop their interaction with you that is their choice. And most importantly absolutely no feeding them.

As long as you can remember these main rules, everything will go swimmingly.

Our dolphin excursion is subject to change during different times of the year to provide you with the best possible experience. So if you want to know more about our current dolphin tours on Oahu take a look at our current dolphin snorkeling package.