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Pearl Harbor Tours

Pearl Harbor Oahu

Pearl Harbor Oahu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hawaii. The harbor was the site of a devastating surprise attack by the Japanese military on December 7, 1941.

Pearl Harbor. A “date which will live in infamy” as poetically described by President Roosevelt. Pearl Harbor was one of the most tragic and unexpected attacks on the U.S in all of American history. 

In the aftermath of the attack, Pearl Harbor became a symbol of American sacrifice and resolve. Today, Pearl Harbor is home to several memorials and museums commemorating the attack and honoring the victims. Pearl Harbor Oahu is a must-see for any visitor to Hawaii.

So many Americans lost their lives that day and it is still one of the most memorable days in all of our great country's history. Every year millions of people visit the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial to pay their respects to the amazing men and women who lost their lives here. Both civilians and soldiers. 

When it comes to visiting the memorials, there is a lot more to see than just the USS Arizona. That is why you should look into booking a Pearl Harbor Tour so that you can see and experience all of the different historical sites.

Pearl Harbor Tours Hawaii

Tours and Activities


Pearl Harbor Tour

21942 Reviews
USS Arizona Memorial + Honolulu City Tour
5 Hours

Tour Description:

The Pearl Harbor City Tour is a must-do activity for visitors to Honolulu. Start your tour with a visit to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, a somber reminder of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor that took place in 1941. Then explore the city of Honolulu and its historic sites on this guided Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour!


Pearl Harbor Deluxe Tour

21942 Reviews
USS Arizona Memorial + Battleship Missouri + Honolulu Tour
8 Hours

Tour Description:

Complete Pearl Harbor experience that visits both the USS Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri along with a Historic Honolulu City tour. Round-Trip Transportation Included (From Waikiki). Total Duration: 8 Hours


Pearl Harbor Ultimate Experience

16198 Reviews
USS Arizona Memorial + Battleship Missouri + Aviation Museum
10 Hours

Tour Description:

See it all! Discover Oahu’s most popular visitor destination that includes an incredible Pearl Harbor experience. Includes tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial along with admission to the USS Bowfin, USS Missouri, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum! This incredible full-day experience provides you with all your tickets and provides you with a 10% discount on your meals at the Aviation Museum’s Laniakea Café!

What Island Is Pearl Harbor On?


Pearl Harbor is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, on the island's south shore, just west of Honolulu. Pearl Harbor is divided into three main bodies of water: the East Loch, the Middle Loch, and the West Loch.

Ford Island, the 335-acre part of Pearl Harbor Oahu, where the important museums are located, includes the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

Why Book A Pearl Harbor Tour On Oahu?


Pearl Harbor was more than just what happened to the USS Arizona. Historically, there was much tragedy here on that day. Including the destruction of several naval vessels and even heavily armored battleships. 

The best way to get the full experience of what happened here on December 7th, 1941, is to book a Pearl Harbor Hawaii Tour and go with an experienced guide. They will be able to show you and tell you all about the details of what happened there that day.

A visit to Pearl Harbor is a chance to learn about the history of the United States in the Pacific and the key role that Hawaii has played. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center offers a range of exhibits that tell the story of Pearl Harbor from before the attack to the present day.

But Pearl Harbor tickets are required for most of the museums and memorials. Except when you book a tour with a tour group. You will be able to see everything at a discounted rate when you book a Pearl Harbor Tour in advance. 

Here are some of the memorials and museums that are commonly included with the Pearl Harbor Tour Oahu.

What is Included in a Deluxe Pearl Harbor Tour?


Pearl Harbor tour tickets typically include a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri, and the USS Bowfin submarine museum. The tour will also take you to Pearl Harbor’s Aviation Museum. But there’s more, here’s what the Pearl Harbor Hawaii tours generally include:

  • Narrated, convenient luxury round-trip transportation
  • A complete Pearl Harbor Visitor Center Tour
  • WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument
  • A visit aboard the USS Arizona Memorial
  • Tickets for the USS Bowfin Submarine
  • Two USS Arizona Memorial Museums
  • Documentary film on the Pearl Harbor Attack
  • Narrated US Navy Boat Ride in Pearl Harbor to the USS Arizona Memorial
  • Admission to Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  • 10% discount on meal at Aviation Museum’s Laniakea Café

With all this included, it goes without saying that booking Pearl Harbor Hawaii tours is essential as they sell out fast.