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Oahu Dinner Cruises

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Are you looking for a unique and romantic way to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion? Or perhaps you just want to enjoy a fantastic dinner while enjoying stunning Oahu views. If so, then consider booking one of the best Oahu dinner cruises. 

There are many different cruise options with more or fewer people and different activities, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.

In case that's your first time going on a dinner cruise in Oahu, we'll go through all the details you should know, from the cost to the activities and everything in between.

We had a great time! The staff on the boat were also very friendly and attentive making sure everyone was taken care of. Definitely recommend!

Robert Navarro - Hawaii Visitor

Dinner Cruises on Oahu

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Star of Honolulu
Sunset + Entertainment + dinner
Starting at $109
2 Hours

Tour Description:

If you're looking for an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Honolulu, look no further than the Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise. This popular cruise features stunning views of the city skyline and Diamond Head, delicious Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, and live entertainment.

Prince Kuhio
Sunset + Dinner Cruise
2 Hours

Tour Description:

There are few things more impressive than an ocean view sunset in Hawaii. Our Sunset Dinner Cruise takes you along the Waikiki shore all the way to Diamond Head, known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi , and provides breathtaking scenery all around.

Sunset Cruises on Oahu

Tour Selection

Makani Catamaran
Sunset + Cocktail Cruise
2 Hours

Tour Description:

Share the wind-in-your-face moment with your special someone amid a stunning ocean landscape. As the setting sun transforms the sky with vivid amber hues, savor your spellbinding surroundings and let us serve you on this two-hour cruise. This is sure to be the highlight of your Oahu vacation!

What is a Oahu Dinner Cruise?

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A dinner cruise in Oahu is an evening event that combines the beauty of a Hawaiian sunset with the deliciousness of a five-course meal or a buffet dinner. The cruises typically last 2 to 3 hours and include a buffet dinner and live entertainment. 

Many of the dinner cruises depart from Kewalo Basin Harbor in Honolulu. But, there are also options for cruises departing from other parts of the island, such as the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Dinner cruises are a great way to see the sights of Oahu while enjoying a delicious meal, and they are perfect for couples or groups of friends. If you're looking for a unique way to experience Oahu, a dinner cruise is definitely worth considering.

Where do the Oahu Dinner Cruises Go?

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The Oahu dinner cruises take you on a tour of the island's beautiful coastline, with stops at some of the most popular beaches and seeing the skyline from the boat. You will pass by famous attractions such as Diamond Head. 

The cruise departs from Honolulu in the evening and makes its way in the crystal blue waters off of Waikiki and the encompassing south-Eastern Shoreline island, going through various points to enjoy the landscapes and the sunset. 

On top of that, you can enjoy live music and entertainment while dining with the sun setting. Booking an Oahu dinner cruise is a wonderful way to experience the island's natural beauty and delicious food, all while enjoying a relaxing evening cruise.

How Much Does a Oahu Dinner Cruise Cost?

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The price of dinner cruises in Oahu varies from tour to tour, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $79 and $220. Tours can host up to 99 people, but generally speaking, the more expensive it is, the fewer people will be on board.

To give you an idea, for $99, you will stay on board for 2 hours and be served a freshly grilled dinner with a Mai Tai welcome drink. On the other end, for about $200, you will enjoy unlimited wine, champagne, and spirits, as well as a luxury dinner with rib eye, Ahi tuna, and many other delicacies.

Do I Have to tip on a Dinner Cruise?

Most cruise lines automatically add a gratuity charge to your bill, which covers tips. However, these charges can differ depending on the cruise line, so it's always best to check before paying.

If gratuities are not included in your ticket price, you can expect to pay around $10-15 per person. While you're not required to tip beyond the included gratuity charge, many passengers choose to do so, especially if they receive excellent service.

Activities on a Honolulu Dinner Cruise

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A dinner cruise is a unique way to spend an evening. While on board, you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the sights of the city in a laid-back atmosphere. Most dinner cruises also feature live entertainment, such as music or dance performances.

You can also purchase souvenirs or take photos at various locations on the cruise, such as the landscapes around Waikiki. While Oahu dinner cruises normally serve alcohol or welcome drinks, some other tours are BYOB, which means you'll have to bring your own.

It's worth noting that some dinner cruises Waikiki offer different activities before or after the meal, for instance: 

  • Going underwater and snorkeling around Honolulu
  • Dolphin watching along the main coastline
  • The teaching of Hawaiian culture and local activities
  • Fireworks - depending on the day and time of the year

All in all, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a fun night out, a dinner cruise is a great option.