Oahu Circle Island Tour

Circle Island Tours


One of the most popular tours we offer is the Oahu Circle Island tour. What exactly is a “Circle Island” tour you might ask?

Well, this is an all-inclusive tour in which you spend the day with us, circling the island and witnessing all of the biggest and best sights, attractions, and activities Oahu has to offer. 

This tour is designed to help you see, experience, and even taste what living on Oahu is like all in one grand outing. An experienced guide will tell you all about the sights and stops that we make and explain what makes it a special part of our beautiful island. 

Oahu Circle Island Tours

Real Hawaii Oahu Circle Island Tour

Real Hawaii Oahu Circle Island Tour

129.5 Per Adult

833 Reviews

Highlights of Oahu

Transportation from Waikiki

Local Tour Guide

7 Hour Tour

Circle Island Tour w/ Waimea Waterfall

Circle Island Tour w/ Waimea Waterfall

$154 Per Adult

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Waimea Waterfall

Expert Guided Tour

Rich History

Immersive Experience

Circle Island Tour w/ Byodo In Temple

Circle Island Tour w/ Byodo In Temple

$144 Per Adult

2853 Reviews

Scenic routes & landscapes

Expert local guides

Rich cultural heritage

Pristine beaches

places you might see on our circle island tours

Diamond Head

Diamond Head (also known as Le’ahi) is one of the most popular attractions here on Oahu and for very good reason. Diamond Head State Monument was created hundreds of thousands of years ago during an impressive eruption. 

Now, it is a massive crater that looks over the island and coastline. Naturally, the military used Diamond Head back in the 1900s because the view from on top goes on for miles which made it great for a lookout. 

The stunning views are what bring people to this amazing part of Oahu. Look out over the sparkling water and enjoy the best view of the coastline that you will ever see. 

If you want to go on the best Oahu Circle Island tour make sure that Diamond Head is on the itinerary. This is one stop that you will not want to miss.

Blowhole Lookout (Hālona)

This is a magical place to experience a wonderful natural phenomenon. Blowhole Lookout is a rock formation on the coast near Hālona Cove. 

During high tide, the waves thrash up onto the rocks and through a cave. When the waves thrash violently enough sea spray launches out of a large hole in the top of the sea cave. It resembles a dolphin or whale blowing water out of their blowhole, which is where this intriguingly beautiful landmark got its name.

This beautiful little cove here has also been used in a lot of popular movies as well as music videos for its mesmerizing qualities. The black rock, white sand, and stunning blue water is a sight you will never forget (but remember to bring your cameras just in case).


The Beaches

Sandy Beach, Banzai Pipeline Beach, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, and Laniakea Beach (among others). 

All of these are great surfing spots to check out while on Oahu. However, be careful when surfing. You need to make sure that you are minding the difficulty of the surf. 

Because of the shore breaks, large waves and even barrel waves are common at several of the beaches around Oahu. This makes them popular for surfing, and injuries. If you are not a big surfer or if you are just starting out, make sure to ask locals or research which beaches will be best for your surf level.

Makapu’u Lookout

This lookout is another amazing sightseeing destination during the Circle Island tour on Oahu. A large rock cliff looks over the beach and ocean out into stunningly clear water. Makapu’u Lookout is a very popular place to take pictures or just to look out into the ocean. 

A view that is unlike any other on Oahu.

Pali Lookout

Also known as Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, this is one of the best sights in all of Oahu. Pali Lookout is a cliff at mount Ko’olau that looks over the valley of Nu’uanu. The lush green foliage goes on for what feels like miles.

From here, you can see where the island meets the sea with the cliff range overlooking all of it. The view from here is stunning and a major hot spot for tourists and locals. This is truly one unique view of the island that everyone will enjoy. 

Chinaman's hat near kualoa beach park at sunset

Mokoli’i - Chinaman's Hat

Chinaman’s Hat got its name from the cone shape that resembles the iconic Asian rice hat. When on your Oahu Grand Circle Island tour, you will be able to scope out this small island off the coast of Kualoa Beach. 

The story goes that the goddess Hi’iaka cut off a giant lizard’s tail and threw it into the ocean, and that is where the island came from.

Haleiwa North Shore

Haleiwa is a small surfing town on the North Shore. This is where you can find some great authentic Hawaiian restaurants or take a look at some local shops. It is a quaint, yet fun place to explore what everyday Oahu is like.

Dole Plantation

The famous Dole Plantation here on Oahu is where the best pineapples in the world are grown. Obviously, this has to be part of the best Oahu Circle Island tour because who doesn’t want to try a pineapple fresh from the farm?

Green World Coffee Farm

Green World Coffee Farm

Green World Coffee Farm is where you can find the best coffee in all of Hawaii, possibly the world. This is where you can try some fresh from the farm coffee the Hawaiian way. They have a variety of interesting and flavorful blends so if you are a coffee connoisseur then make sure to take advantage of the stop at the Green World Coffee Farm.

Fruit Stands

Walking around the fruit market is a great way to see how the locals live. For the locals, the fruit stands here are just part of everyday life. Going to a market like this is a fun way to experience Oahu while picking up some delicious fresh fruit.

Tropical Farms Macadamia Nuts

This Macadamia Nut Farm is a must on many people's to-do lists while in Hawaii. You can actually crack open a macadamia nut and eat it fresh from the shell. A delicious and fun stop on the circle island tour. Don’t forget to pick up a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

Polynesia Culture Center

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a wonderful place to learn more about Hawaii’s culture and history. This “Center” is more like a theme park all about Hawaiian culture. The Cultural Center is made up of several different parts called islands each and everyone with their own special history and cultural activities. 

This is a great place to go to learn more about Hawaiian culture or just to take the family out for a fun day of great food and exciting activities. 

In order to provide you with the best Oahu Circle Island tour possible, we are always adding, updating or changing our tours. Check out our current tour package(s) to see what is on the itinerary.

How long is the Circle island tour? 

Real Hawaii Circle Island Tour

The Real Hawaii Oahu Circle island tour is a popular choice for visitors to the Hawaiian island who want to see as much of the island as possible in a short amount of time. The tour typically lasts between six and eight hours, depending on traffic conditions. The tour starts at Waikiki Beach and takes visitors through some of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, including Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, and Chinaman's Hat. Visitors also have the opportunity to stop at various lookout points to take in the stunning views of the island. The tour ends back at Waikiki Beach, allowing visitors to enjoy the rest of their day in one of Hawaii's most famous beach resorts.