Pelagic Shark Dive

North Shore, Oahu

Swimming With Sharks Oahu

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Experience A Thrilling Shark Dive!

There are many beautiful places in Oahu, but for those looking to get their adrenaline pumping there's no better way than a snorkeling adventure with sharks! We'll take you off the North Shore and into clear blue waters where we can find Hawaiiʼs famous pelagic predators. While exploring this area of oceanic life - surrounded by pristine abyss- guests will have access top guidance from an experienced safety diver who knows all about what kinds Manō (Hawaii for Shark) inhabit these depths as well as how they behave when faced with potential prey or danger!  Tour Provided by Go Adventure Hawaii.

Note: All Guests Should know how to swim or at least have experienced snorkeling before...

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Tour pricing

Per Person: $145 (Ages 12+)

Ride Along: $80 (Per Person)

Private Charter: $800 (1-6 People)

Photo Add-On:  $180 (1-3 People)

Additional Photos: $40 each

What others are saying...

Joshua Fookes Avatar
Joshua F.
Wow!! Epic fishing adventure. Caught two Mahi Mahi and three Yellow Fin Tuna!!! Amazing time with these guys.
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Nancy Luketich Avatar
Nancy L.
Amazing day with Jordan and his crew! Very attentive and made sure we were comfortable along with some great pointers
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Robert Waldron Avatar
Robert W.
This was a really great experience and my son loved it. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to try something different and exciting. Make sure you don’t eat before you go. It was a little rough and I’m really glad I didn’t eat before we headed out.
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Shannon Cantrell Avatar
Shannon C.
We had nothing shy of a great experience with our full day fishing charter with Go Adventure Hawaii. Jordan and Kia were so knowledgeable and really made you feel comfortable. Most of our experience fishing is largely shore fishing in the Gulf so being in the wide open Pacific.. was definitely intimidating to say the least. We got caught up in some rain which we’ve experienced quite a lot of on the North Shore of lately but that didn’t slow us down, at all. Had a great time reeling in Mahi! That’ll get your blood going! Thanks for the great day and experience, guys. Would highly recommend this charter for anyone looking. Just book it 😎
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おおやしずお Avatar
It was a wonderful day. The staff were very accommodating to Japanese people who didn't speak English. I'll come again.
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近藤康隆 Avatar
Went on a 1 half day fishing charter. As soon as we set sail, we caught a big fish. We caught many more after that, so it was a very good experience. I would like to participate again next time.
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Camila Maya Avatar
Camila M.
I had the most amazing time with them, lot of sharks and they were so amazing!!!!!
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Marie Bata Avatar
Marie B.
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JR Manning Avatar
Great time was had by all, even the pukers. Thanks to Chris and Ricki for taking care of my crew. The Marlin and Mahi were what we were after. Will repeat when we are back on the North Shore.
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Jen Gottschalk Avatar
Jen G.
Had a great time swimming with sharks despite the less than ideal conditions. It was amazing! 5-6 sharks were swimming around us almost the whole time. I felt very safe the whole time. Would definitely book again!
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Shark Diving Hawaii

North Shore | OAHU

The Galapagos, Sandbar and Tiger sharks are common resident species of shark in this area. However there is a chance to see other predators like Ahi (tuna), Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), and even Kaku (barracuda) here too! In winter guests may be treated with underwater symphonies from nearby pods of Pacific Northwestern Humpback Whales singing!

OAhu Shark Dive Details

Tour pricing

Per Person: $130

(Ages 12+)

Private Charter: $800

(Capacity - 6 People)

Tour Schedule

7 Days A Week

1.5 Hours

Tour Inclusions

Masks and Snorkels Provided

Swimming Fins  Provided

Experienced Tour Guide

Shark Diving Oahu

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Tour Age Limit?

Yes, the age limit to swim with sharks is 12 yrs old. 

How Long Is The Shark Dive?

The tour is approximately 1 1/2 hours long.

What Are The Different Shark Species In Hawaii?

 The most common resident shark species include Galapagos, Sandbar, and Tiger sharks. However, being in a pelagic (deep-water) zone allows the possibility of seeing a variety of other pelagic predators, such as tuna, mahi mahi, barracuda, and oceanic dolphins. During the winter months, guests are often treated to the underwater symphonies of whale song from nearby pods of Pacific Northwest humpbacks.

Do We Need To Check In?

Yes, All guests are required to check-in with the captain, at the boat, 30 minutes prior to departure. Late guests cannot be accommodated as each charter operates on a strict schedule in order to maximize guest experience and time paid for.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

If not already provided, please make sure to bring correct diving gear including mask/snorkel, wetsuit and any other scuba diving gear you would need on the dive.

Where Is The Tour Located?

The Tour is Located 3 miles off the North Shore (Haleiwa, Hawaii) on the island of Oahu.

The Tour is Located 3 miles off the North Shore (Haleiwa, Hawaii) on the island of Oahu.