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Pearl Harbor Tours

Pearl Harbor Tours

Pearl Harbor. A “date which will live in infamy” as poetically described by President Roosevelt. Pearl Harbor was one of the most tragic and unexpected attacks on the U.S in all of American history. 

So many Americans lost their lives that day and it is still one of the most memorable days in all of our great country's history. Every year millions of people visit the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial to pay their respects to the amazing men and women who lost their lives here. Both civilians and soldiers. 

When it comes to visiting the memorials, there is a lot more to see than just the USS Arizona. That is why you should look into booking a Pearl Harbor Tour so that you can see and experience all of the different historical sites.

Pearl Harbor Tour Selection

Pearl Harbor And Honolulu City Tour (Includes USS Arizona Memorial)

Discover Oahu’s most popular tour that includes an incredible Pearl Harbor experience, along with a fantastic Honolulu City tour. Includes Round-Trip Transportation Included From Waikiki. Total Duration: 5 Hours 

Pearl Harbor And Honolulu City Tour (Includes Missouri & Arizona Memorial)

Complete Pearl Harbor experience that visits both the USS Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri along with a Historic Honolulu City tour. Round-Trip Transportation Included (From Waikiki). Total Duration: 8 Hours

Why Book A Pearl Harbor Tour on Oahu?

Pearl Harbor was more than just what happened to the USS Arizona. Historically, there was much tragedy here on that day. Including the destruction of several naval vessels and even heavily armored battleships. 

The best way to get the full experience of what happened here on December 7th, 1941, is to book a Pearl Harbor Hawaii Tour and go with an experienced guide. They will be able to show you and tell you all about the details of what happened there that day. 

Pearl Harbor tickets are required for most of the museums and memorials. Except when you book a tour with a tour group. You will be able to see everything at a discounted rate when you book a Pearl Harbor Tour in advance. 

Here are some of the memorials and museums that are commonly included with the Pearl Harbor Tour Oahu.

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona was arguably the worst of the entire attack. After a nearly 2000 pound bomb was dropped on the ship, it sank with over 1,000 men still on board and unable to get out. This ship was later recovered and turned into the memorial that it is today.  

You will get to see more than just the USS Arizona Memorial.

USS Oklahoma Memorial

The USS Oklahoma was another one of the battleships that were there that day. The ship sank just minutes after the first attack. Over 400 naval officers drowned on the boat, unable to escape as she flipped over.

Battleship Missouri

You will get to see the Battleship Missouri which was not there on the day of the attack. The Battleship Missouri joined the war about 3 years later in 1944 and helped to aid in the invasion of Japan and hosted the ceremonial surrender of Japan in 1945.

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum is another popular stop during your tour at Pearl Harbor. Even though it was not there during the attack on Oahu, the USS Bowfin played a significant part in fighting during WWII. 

(Pearl Harbor) Pacific Aviation Museum

A great place to look at all sorts of memorabilia and items of historical significance from the era of WWII. The museum was made using two hangers where you can actually see the bullet holes from the day of the attack 80 years ago. This incredible museum is a must-see stop on your tour around Pearl Harbor.

Image of Pearl Harbor from the sea

Experience Pearl Harbor

Experience the beauty and tragedy of one of the most memorable days in American history. Pearl Harbor is now known as a beacon for American Pride and triumph as well as a reminder of what we can overcome as a nation. Take a closer look at the history of this incredible place and the monument that stands here in remembrance of our fallen Americans. 

Our highest priority is to make sure that you get the best and most authentic experience while here on Oahu. All of our tours are subject to change to provide you with the best possible experience. Book your Pearl Harbor Tour now.