Best Whale Watching Tours On Oahu

Best Whale Watching On Oahu

Have you always wanted to see a whale in real life, or up close and personal? Nothing can compare to seeing a full-grown whale swimming in the ocean right next to your boat.

This is an entirely different kind of experience.

Your local aquarium or even the best aquariums in the world don’t have large species like humpback whales for display. They are just too big to keep in a captive environment. For these creatures, captivity is just not an option.

That is why whale watching tours on Oahu are so popular among locals and tourists alike. It is the best and most ethical way to experience these incredible gentle giants. They are yet another fantastic marine animal that people love to see.

Whale Watching Tours for Honolulu, Oahu

Seeing a humpback whale in person is a moving experience. Watching a humpback whale play in the water and breach in a magnificent display of skill and finesse. This is something that most people never get to see in their lifetime. 

Not to mention these impressive animals are starting to dwindle in numbers. The commercial whaling industry has seen the population of all kinds of whale species decrease dramatically. Even with how sad the reality of whale fishing is, it helps to know that the whales that come here to Oahu are trying to help increase their numbers. 

Oahu isn’t just a honeymoon spot for people. It is a romantic paradise for the whales as well. During the winter months, whales from all over flock to Honolulu, Oahu, and all around the Hawaiian Islands to mate and have their babies in the mesmerizing warm waters. 

It is such a beautiful and magical time to go whale watching in Honolulu. It is a real treat to see multiple humpback whales swimming together and courting one another.

What to Expect From Whale Watching Tours on Oahu

Due to the whales’ migration patterns, they only swim in the waters around Hawaii during the winter months. More specifically you can start to see them around November to December and they start to migrate back up North in the spring. Usually, you will see the last of the whales heading home in May. 

The best way for us to ensure that everyone who books a whale watching tour actually gets to see the whales is by blocking off certain months. This is so we can guarantee the whales will be here around Oahu and that they will be active.

Some of the tour time frames are subject to change depending on weather, the whales, and other factors. Most commonly our whale watching tours will start around December or January and end sometime in March or April.

While on our whale watching tours on Oahu you can expect to see at least one but more likely multiple whales. You might also get a glimpse of some dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, or other marine fish. 

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