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The Experience Nutridge Lu’au in honolulu

We decided to drive ourselves up the incredible Tantalus drive. The scenic views as you ascend to Nutridge Estate are breath-taking. From the lookout just before the main entrance, you can look down into Mānoa Valley all the way out into Diamond Head Crater. The lights of downtown Honolulu twinkled brightly in the cool evening when we made our way down.

When we arrived at the entrance to Nutridge Estate, three men and one woman dressed in black and red Hawaiian attire greeted us. While we waited for the rest of the tour to arrive, the bartender took our first drink order, giving us a second ticket for our next complimentary drink later. Once we were all ready, we lined up and walked to the entrance of the estate. The guide chanted a traditional Hawaiian chant, asking for permission to enter. When the resounding reply came from within, we all walked through toward a grassy field.

There, hula dancers and our guides lined up, sharing information about the life-giving importance of a Hawaiian staple, banana (mai’a), and how every part of the banana stalk, leaves, fruit, and stems can be used. After some introductions, we made our way down a gravel walkway, quickly coming to an opening with one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see on O’ahu.

Hawaiian Agriculture and Cultural Education

Drinks in hand, each of us took a seat in a folding chair on the lawn. The choice was between a classic Mai Tai or Tequila Sunrise—both were delicious—and we were all given kukui nut lei. Kukui, we were told, are important trees for the Hawaiian people. The oils can be used for candles and skin care, while the hard nuts are used decoratively.

Learning about a Lu’au

Next, we made our way to a kind of natural amphitheater, where our guides taught us about how a lu’au is prepared. We also got to learn about the importance of coconut trees (niu) and ti leaf.

One important part of lu’au is that they are always full of dancing and performances. So, we walked across the steep lawn toward a secluded stage. There, we watched a traditional New Zealand haka, or war dance and traditional Tahitian performances. Finally, two of the men took turns performing fire knife dances, spinning, and twirling wooden poles with the ends wrapped in cloth. The cloth, soaked in kerosene, is lit, creating a stunning and adrenaline-pumping performance.

hula dancers in hawaiian luau perform in the evening wearing black and red dresses with flowers in their hair

The Best Part of a Lu’au? Hawaiian Food!

While some guests played traditional Hawaiian games, the rest of us sat under the large tent taking in the leisurely sunrise and sipping our second complimentary cocktails. We started to smell the rich and delicious food as they brought it out, and couldn’t wait to dig in.

Our menu consisted of purple Okinawan sweet potato, kalua pig, classic white rice, delicious local salad greens, laulau (pork and sweet potato wrapped in ti leaves), huli huli chicken, and haupia. So delicious! While we ate, our guides performed even more hula, even getting us all to stand and dance a bit ourselves! As the sun began to set and turn the sky a deep orange becoming purple, we all clapped and relaxed, enjoying an amazing afternoon of culture, dancing, and tasty food.

Who will love the experience nutridge tour?

You will love this tour if you:

  • Love Hawaiian food! The food is absolutely delicious and authentic
  • Love amazing performances! All the dancers were incredibly talented, and you could tell they really enjoyed sharing with us
  • Love a stunning view (who doesn’t?) Besides everything else, just getting to sit and take in such a wonderful view of O’ahu makes this lu’au worth it.
  • Want an intimate, small group experience. Nutridge Experience only allows 50 guests at each lu’au. This created a fun sense of camaraderie and kept a great pace throughout the lu’au since we weren’t waiting for hundreds of people each time.
three of the wonderful tour guides at the experience nutridge luau event are dressed in black and red hawaiian attire on tantalus, oahu

“The view was amazing, and I really liked watching the hula dances and fire dancers. It was also interesting to learn more about Hawaiian agriculture, which I didn’t know anything about before.”

When to Book the Experience Nutridge Lu’au

Definitely book this tour during the Summer or Fall months and avoid the rainy season. Because it’s higher up and close to the mountains, this lu’au could get a bit wet and muddy. Since the sun stays up longer in Spring and Summer, it also gives you more time to really take in the view while you eat your dinner.

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