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The tour pickups begin bright and early at 7am. As the first group, our pickup is at the luxurious Ala Moana Hotel, just down the road from Ala Moana Beach Park. Our guide, Robert, greets us enthusiastically. It’s a Friday, and we’re all feeling the weekend energy in the cool morning air. We wind through Waikīkī, making two more stops for the rest of our group. Once we’re all aboard, he begins with a prayer (pule in Hawaiian) asking the Almighty God (Akua) to protect each of us on this journey. There’s 14 of us today, on a spacious minibus with huge windows allowing us to take in the scenery as we cruise around Diamond Head lookout to begin our tour.

When to Book the Circle Island Tour

This is an excellent tour to book during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. During peak Winter months, you might experience longer drive times around the North Shore of O’ahu due to the large swells. It’s an especially great tour to book during Spring and Summer because the lovely weather lends itself nicely to sight-seeing and pictures.  

Experience the Variety of the Circle Island Tour

The tour is jam-packed with information, and we cover a huge portion of the island at a quick pace that manages to feel efficient without being rushed. It’s an amazing way to see the island in a relatively short amount of time! After going on this tour, it’s so easy to decide which parts of the island I’d like to explore more.

Our tour guide, Robert, gave us a totally new perspective on authentic Hawaiian culture, values, and history. This tour is excellent for someone who truly wants to learn more about the beautiful places they’re visiting.

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What's The Circle Island Tour Like?

Robert’s timing is impeccable, and it’s clear he knows how to time out each stop so that we can keep our schedule without losing out on each experience!

Southern and Eastern Coasts of O’ahu

The tour takes us from Diamond Head lookout, along the eastern coast. We pass by Hanauma Bay, stopping at the gorgeous Hālona Blowhole lookout. Our bus heads around the Easternmost bend of the island, giving us the beautiful vista of Makapuu beach and Rabbit Island. Once we hit Waimanalo, we take a restroom and snack break. We detour back up to the Pali Lookout, listening to Robert about the ancient Hawaiian spirits still here to this day.

Along the Coast of the Famous North Shore

 Our lunch break starts promptly at the quaint Fumis Shrimp Shack, where a live musician plays acoustic covers of classic songs. At this point, we’ve come up to the historic North Shore of O’ahu and its famed beaches such as Sunset, Pipeline, and Laniakea. Although we don’t stop at Laniakea Beach (famous for its local turtle population), Robert generously slows down so we can view the turtles floating along the shore in the bright afternoon sun.

Did I Mention Pineapples?

Then it’s off to the local Macadamia Nut Farm, where we try fresh samples of buttery macadamia nuts and rich coffee. Once we’re sufficiently saturated with gourmet samples, we head over to the Dole Planation, learning about the economic importance of Dole Pineapple. We zip back on the H1, Robert pointing out the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial and Aloha Tower. It’s been a wonderful day learning about the unique coasts of Hawai’i, and we’re invigorated to keep exploring this amazing island that Robert has given us a small peek into. 
Check the availability of this Circle Island Tour, or choose the even more in-depth Grand Circle Island Tour. Last, but not least, choose the Beauty and the Feast tour if you also want to experience the rich tastes and flavors of O’ahu along the way!