Oahu Dolphin Excursion

Oahu Dolphin Excursion

About This Tour

Total duration:

3 hours


7 Days A Week


7 a.m. or 10:30 a.m

Tour rating:

Total Duration: 3 Hours

Availability: 7 Days a Week

Time: 7 a.m. or 10:30 a.m

Tour Rating:

We begin as Nai’a I departs from Waianae Boat Harbor and travels along the scenic west coast in search of spinner dolphins. Take some of the most incredible photographs of your vacation as the spinners come to visit you and perform their superb aerial stunts.

Few people have the opportunity to see these spectacular displays. Passively observing Spinner Dolphins while in the water is one of our goals. We follow guidelines that are dictated by Federal Law protecting these animals. We will make sure you observe these animals under an eco friendly leadership giving you a safe open ocean safari you will remember.

We will also snorkel at sites with Hawaiian Sea Turtles and tropical fish. Occasionally, we encounter Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins too. During the winter months, we may even get to see a Humpback Whale or two or several. Our Oahu excursions are led by seasoned island naturalists with years of experience on the Waianae Coast.

** Tour Provided By Dolphin Excursions

What To Expect

  • Only 15 guests per tour!  Plenty of room to relax.
  • View multiple species of wild dolphins year round  and humpback whales in the winter.
  • Take incredible photographs of marine life.
  • See dolphins, tropical fish, and sea turtles.
  • Please feel free to pack your own food and beverages. BYOB!
  • Snorkel gear is provided, but bringing your own is encouraged.  You may also purchase a brand new set to take home with you.

Private Charters

Private Charters are a flat rate. Unlike public charters, there is no age limit. To book a private charter there must be no other pervious reservations already made for the date and time you desire. First come first serve since we only have one boat. So book well in advance if you are looking to book a private charter!


 7:00 a.m. Boat Departure: 

6:30 am check in at the Waianae Boat Harbor, next to Spinners Cafe.

10:00 am return to dock at the same location.

10:30 a.m. Boat Departure: 

10:00 am check in at the Waianae Boat Harbor, next to Spinners Cafe.

1:30 pm return to dock at the same location.

2:00 p.m. Boat Departures are available and customizable upon request.  Give me a call and I will set it up for you if available.  5 guest minimum to run the tour.

Duration Details

  • 30-minute check-in
  • Three hours on the boat/snorkeling dock to dock
  • Four hours total
  • Inclusions

  • Snorkel gear: Gear is provided, but bringing your own gear is recommended at this time.  You may also purchase your own set to take home with you. Mask (prescription masks available), snorkel, fins, and a life vest. Wet suits are available to rent for $10.00 at check-in.
  • COVID-19 Precautions

    Everyone is required to wear a mask at check in. On the boat they are optional.

    Temperature is taken and recorded, including all staff and boat crew.

    If any guest feels sick 24 hours with in their departure time and day, they may cancel with out penalty. Our 24 hour cancellation policy will be waived under this circumstance to ensure there is no pressure to attend to avoid cost. To keep future patrons and our crew safe, we will require at least a 10 day quarantine before booking with us again. If re-booking with us before 10 days are up, the entire cancelled party must be prepared to show proof of a negative test dated after the cancelled tour date.

    We only allow one booking group at a time inside our check in area. Once they receive their gear, they will exit through a different door to minimize contact with other booking couples or groups. The waiting area before and after check in is an outside spacious and shaded area with a bench for seating.

    Quarantine restriction check, please present one of the following:

    RESIDENTS: Make sure you bring your State ID or Military ID to show at check in. Utility bill or paystub with your name and Hawaiian address will also work.

    ISLAND GUESTS – 10 DAY QUARANTINE COMPLETION: Please have a copy of your itinerary with your name, the airlines emblem and date of arrival to HNL airport. If it is an email, the from address must be affiliated with an airline or travel site.

    ISLAND GUESTS – ALTERNATE, PRE-TESTING PROGRAM: If you follow the procedures of the 72 hour pre-travel testing protocol, please provide your negative test results with the collection date falling with in the 72 hour period of your arrival date into Honolulu.

    RESIDENTS and ISLAND GUESTS – VACCINATION CARD WITH MATCHING PHOTO ID. If you have your vaccination card, then bring it with you along with a photo ID.

    IF THE GOVERNOR LIFTS THESE RESTRICTIONS BY THE TIME YOU JOIN US, THEN WE WILL LIFT THESE REQUIREMENTS. There may be an alternate restriction is that case in which we will contact you if any other paperwork is needed.

    *If you have neither of these items of proof, you will be denied tour access for the safety of our other passengers and our crew.

    Gear maintenance:

    * Life Vests: Soaked and continuously dunked in a special shampoo specifically branded for cleaning wet suits, which have similar textile properties as life vests. Life Vests are left to dry naturally in the UV warmth of the sun.

    * Fins: Soaked and scrubbed in a solution of bleach and liquid detergent, then rinsed in water and laid out in the UV warmth of the sun to dry.

    * Masks and Snorkels: Soaked and scrubbed in a solution of bleach and liquid detergent, then rinsed in water. Both are then soaked for at least one minute in our Steramine sterilizing solution and kept inside to dry naturally. Once dry, each set is placed in a lidded, secure plastic container. This ensures that the masks and snorkel sets are not touched again after the sterilizing process until the next guest is presented the mask from the container for their own use.

    Before or after the tour, guests are welcome to order food and beverages from Spinners Cafe with a 10% discount. The cafe has a take out window to go or enjoy there with outside seating properly distanced. Guests may also bring their own food and beverages onto the vessel that will be kept in their own coolers, back packs or beach bags.

    Have Questions? Call (808) 215-5930

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    Adult Ages 13+


    Children (4-12 years old, children under 4 not permitted)


    Private Charter (up to 15 persons)