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Aloha! | E Komo Mai

Ever imagined yourself stepping foot on a land where lava meets the ocean, creating a dramatic spectacle of steam and sizzling hot rocks? This is not just another travel fantasy; welcome to big island Hawaii activities.

The Big Island isn’t merely about stunning beaches or surf-worthy waves – although it has plenty of those too. It’s an adventure seeker’s paradise teeming with everything from exhilarating ATV rides across rugged landscapes to awe-inspiring stargazing at Mauna Kea.

The Hawaiian Islands may all have their unique charms, but only here can you experience such diversity in one place. But that’s enough teasing – let’s dive into some specifics…

Big Island Hawaii Activities Overview

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a tranquility seeker, the Big Island of Hawaii offers countless activities to fill your itinerary. As the largest in the Hawaiian Islands chain, it boasts unique experiences not found on any other island.

You’ll find thrilling outdoor adventures, relaxing beach days, and cultural excursions that will make your trip unforgettable. Let’s delve into some highlights for families, solo travelers, couples alike who are planning their next vacation to this tropical paradise.

Hilo and Kona - Two Sides of Paradise

The Big Island is divided into two main regions: Hilo and Kona. Each area provides its distinct charm with numerous exciting activities.

In Hilo, nature buffs can submerge themselves in verdant rainforests full of peculiar vegetation and wildlife. From waterfall hikes to botanical gardens exploration- there’s something for every outdoor aficionado here.

Kona lures visitors with its vibrant beaches perfect for water sports like snorkeling or paddleboarding alongside sea turtles. It also offers captivating history tours diving deep into ancient Polynesian culture. But let’s not forget about mouthwatering local cuisine sampling from food trucks dotted along Ali’i Drive.

Exploring Volcanoes National Park

Uncover the incredible magnificence and strength of Mother Nature at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. From hiking trails to witnessing lava flows and exploring lava tubes, this park is a must-visit destination.

Hiking Trails in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

When exploring various trails throughout Volcanoes National Park, you get to walk through lush rainforests and around active craters!

You’ll find yourself walking over solidified lava fields that tell tales of eruptions from years past. Don’t forget to stop by Kilauea volcano – it’s been continuously erupting since 1983. This is not just any walk in a park; this is stepping into Mother Nature’s fiery theater.

If spelunking sparks your interest, get ready for an exploration journey deep inside fascinating lava tubes hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Formed during intense volcanic landscape transformation, these subterranean passageways are filled with geological wonders waiting to be discovered.

Beyond simply admiring their stunning structure though, exploring these caverns will give you insights into how our Hawaiian islands were born out of fire and brimstone millennia ago.

Nighttime Exploration – Lava Glow Viewing

The fun doesn’t end when daylight fades away. Nightfall brings its own set of enchantments as it unveils another facet of volcanoes’ mesmerizing charm: glowing lava under starlit skies.

Pictures don’t do justice; seeing red-hot molten rock illuminating darkened skies with its fiery glow is an experience that will sear itself into your memory. It’s like watching the heartbeat of our planet in real-time, a powerful reminder of Earth’s dynamic nature.

At Volcanoes National Park, you can witness the awesome power of Earth’s molten core and appreciate its beauty at the same time. So put on those hiking boots, bring out that adventurous spirit, and prepare to have a volcanic blast.

Key Takeaway:

Embrace the Thrill: Experience nature’s power at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. From walking over solidified lava fields to exploring hidden lava tubes, every step is a journey into the fiery history of Hawaiian islands. Don’t miss out on nighttime exploration for an unforgettable view of glowing lava under starlit skies.

Marine Adventures and Water Activities

Experience the thrill of big island Hawaii activities. Explore underwater scapes with colorful fish and coral, and night dive with manta rays.

Manta Ray Night Dive

Experience the thrill of swimming with these gentle giants under the starlit sky. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – swimming with these gentle giants in the dark of night.

If the idea of swimming with gentle giants under a starlit sky thrills you, then a manta ray night dive on the Kona coast should be at the top of your bucket list. The warm waters off Kealakekua Bay are home to these majestic creatures, providing visitors an unforgettable encounter.

Along with getting a front row seat to nature, you also get the chance to witness the impact we have on marine life. As we share their space respectfully, we learn firsthand why preserving such experiences matters so much.

In addition to manta ray encounters, humpback whales grace Hawaii’s waters during winter months making it one of the best times for whale watching. The sight of these awe-inspiring mammals breaching in unison against sunset hues? That’s something no postcard can do justice.

Captain Cook Snorkeling Tours

For those who prefer daylight adventures but still crave underwater exploration – Captain Cook snorkeling tours are perfect. With its clear turquoise water teeming with vibrant sea life including tropical fish and playful dolphins – this spot offers some prime snorkel conditions along Hawaii’s scenic coastline.

Diving into these crystal-clear waters lets us see coral reefs bustling with aquatic life up-close—a truly immersive way to appreciate biodiversity beneath Hawaiian waves.


Did You Know?

  • The Kona coast is known for its sunny weather and offers activities like manta ray night dive/snorkel and whale watching during winter.
  • Kealakekua Bay is one of the best places for a Captain Cook snorkeling tour. It’s where you can witness Hawaii’s underwater paradise in all its glory.

So, whether it’s feeling your heart race as you master a new challenge, remember that every step counts towards achieving your goals.

Key Takeaway:

Thrill-seekers and nature lovers, Big Island Hawaii has got you covered. From exploring volcanoes to diving with manta rays under starlit skies or snorkeling amidst vibrant sea life in clear turquoise waters. You can also witness awe-inspiring humpback whales breaching during winter months. This isn’t just an adventure—it’s a meaningful reminder of the importance of respect and preservation for our natural world.

Outdoor Excursions and Thrilling Tours

When you think of the Big Island, perhaps serene beaches or tranquil rainforests come to mind. But there’s a wilder side waiting for you. With an abundance of ATV tours, horseback rides, and helicopter adventures, it’s time to turn your vacation into an action-packed thrill ride.

The verdant terrain provides an awesome setting for exciting escapades that will really get your heart racing. Not only do these excursions let you enjoy nature in its rawest form but they also have minimal ecological impact. That means more fun with less footprint.

Horseback Riding: Trotting Through Paradise

Saddle up and hit the trail on one of our guided horseback riding experiences across verdant pastures or along picturesque coastlines. There’s nothing quite like exploring the island from atop a majestic steed. It gives you panoramic views unlike any other mode of travel can provide.

You might even catch sight of some Hawaiian wildlife while out on your ride. Whether a beginner or experienced rider, this activity offers unique perspectives that shouldn’t be missed.

All-Terrain Adventure: ATV Tours

If horsepower is what thrills you, then prepare yourself for our exhilarating ATV tours. Buckle up as we guide you through rugged terrains filled with awe-inspiring sights around every bend – each journey guaranteed to set pulses racing.

Avoid missing out by booking early because spots fill quickly due to popular demand – especially during peak tourist seasons when everyone wants a piece of this thrilling adventure pie.

Fly High: Helicopter Tour over Hawaii

Soar over the Big Island on a helicopter tour, taking in panoramic views of the volcanic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and miles upon miles of untouched coastline. You might even spot dolphins or whales if you’re lucky. This high-flying adventure offers breathtaking vistas that are bound to leave lasting memories.

The safety and comfort of our guests are paramount; rest assured your journey through the skies will be smooth and thrilling all at once.

Key Takeaway:

Unleash your wild side on the Big Island with adrenaline-pumping ATV tours, thrilling horseback rides and mesmerizing helicopter adventures. These eco-friendly excursions offer breathtaking views of untouched coastlines, volcanic landscapes and verdant pastures – turning your vacation into an action-packed thrill ride. Book early to avoid missing out.

Cultural and Historical Exploration

The Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure chest of the past, full of tales that reverberate through time. Its vast landscapes are peppered with historical sites, each holding its unique tale from ancient Hawaiian culture.

Among these cultural jewels lies Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, an enchanting sanctuary once used as a refuge by those who broke kapu (ancient laws). Now it serves as a fascinating window into old Hawaii’s way of life.

Mauna Kea: More Than Just A Summit

Mauna Kea summit, one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, is not just about stargazing. It holds significant importance in native Hawaiian lore being home to many deities and considered sacred ground. As you explore this place, you’ll get drawn into its majestic aura while getting glimpses of an ancient past rooted deeply in spirituality.

You can also take time to visit Volcano Village, a quaint town near Mauna Kea that offers unique insights into local living infused with history and culture.

Captain Cook Monument: Marking History’s Course

A hike down towards Captain Cook monument, a commemoration for explorer James Cook would give you stunning views over crystal clear waters while letting your imagination wander back centuries ago when first Western contact was made with Hawaii.

Taking part in these historical experiences allows you to be immersed in the historical and cultural aspects that are deeply ingrained into Hawaiian culture.

Traditional Luau Shows: A Feast for All Senses

For an unforgettable cultural experience, don’t miss the traditional luau shows on the Big Island. Here you can enjoy mouth-watering kalua pig cooked underground and watch captivating hula performances – it’s a real treat.

Key Takeaway:

Experience the deep roots of Hawaii’s Big Island, whether it’s by investigating ancient sites like Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park or climbing to the sacred heights of Mauna Kea. Take a stroll through charming small towns and pay a visit to significant spots such as Captain Cook Monument. Don’t forget to round off your adventure with a traditional luau show, letting you savor an authentic slice of Hawaiian culture.

Unique Experiences and Attractions

It’s more than just stunning sand beaches and breathtaking landscapes – it’s about the captivating encounters that make your trip memorable.

Stargazing at Mauna Kea Summit

Situated 13,796 feet above sea level, Mauna Kea summit offers an unrivaled stargazing experience. The clear skies give you an unobstructed view into our vast universe. If you’re lucky, shooting stars may even grace your night.

No expertise in astronomy is necessary to take pleasure in this grand display of the cosmos. Just wrap up warm – yes, it gets chilly in Hawaii too.

Coffee Plantation Exploration

Hawaii boasts some world-renowned coffee plantations where Kona coffee thrives under perfect conditions: sunny mornings, rainy afternoons, mild nights and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Greenwell Farms on the Kona coast, for example, invites visitors to explore their estate while learning about the journey from bean-to-cup. Don’t forget to sample fresh brews right where they are grown.

Tasting Macadamia Nuts Straight from the Tree

No visit would be complete without tasting macadamia nuts straight off a tree. Head over to Honolulu Cookie Company’s orchard in Volcano Village, where guided tours let you crack open freshly fallen macadamias yourself – now that’s what we call hands-on fun.

Unforgettable Green Sand Beach Adventure

The Papakōlea green sand beach is a rare gem. One of only four in the world, its distinctive color comes from olivine crystals eroded from an ancient volcanic cone.

To get there, you’ll need to hike or catch a local shuttle – but trust us, it’s worth every effort for this otherworldly spectacle.

Night Lava Viewing

Want a natural thrill of unique beauty and power under the stars at the edge of the earth? It’s an unforgettable spectacle that reminds us of our planet’s raw power and beauty.

Key Takeaway:

Unearth the unique treasures of Hawaii’s Big Island. Get starstruck at Mauna Kea summit, learn about Kona coffee right where it grows, crack open fresh macadamia nuts, marvel at the rare green sand beach and watch lava light up the night. It’s not just a vacation – it’s an adventure.


It’s time to pack your bags and let the adventure of big island Hawaii activities take over.

You’ve learned about exploring Volcanoes National Park, where nature unveils its fiery might.

Dove into marine adventures that bring you face-to-face with manta rays under a starlit sky. Can’t beat that!

Pumped up for thrilling outdoor excursions? From ATV rides across rugged landscapes to helicopter tours – we got you covered.

Felt the rich Hawaiian history through traditional luau shows and journeys atop Mauna Kea summit. Quite an immersion, right?

The unique experiences don’t stop there – stargazing at Mauna Kea or walking through coffee plantations are just two more reasons why this is one unforgettable vacation spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available on the Big Island in Hawaii?

You can hike volcanoes, snorkel with manta rays, join whale watching tours, explore historical sites, and take part in thrilling outdoor adventures.

What should you not miss on the Big Island?

A visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must. Don’t skip swimming with manta rays at night or exploring Mauna Kea summit either.What is Big island Hawaii known for?

The Big Island is famed for many things, from its active volcanoes to numerous cultural sites and activities, as well as an array of marine based activities.

Which island has the most activities in Hawaii?

The Big Island offers diverse attractions ranging from volcano hikes to stargazing that surpasses what’s offered by other Hawaiian islands. So it often leads when considering activity diversity.