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Discovering Christmas activities Oahu offers can be a thrilling journey.

This Hawaiian island transforms into a tropical winter wonderland, unlike anything you've experienced before.

Christmas in Oahu isn't about snow-covered streets and frosty windows. It's about embracing the holiday spirit amidst swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, and the warm Pacific sun.

The unique blend of traditional Hawaiian celebrations with classic festive events makes Oahu's Christmas activities an unforgettable experience for all visitors.


10 Unique Christmas Activities in Oahu

Christmas is the perfect time of year to spend quality time with family and friends, create lasting traditions, and explore new locations! For a unique way to celebrate this holiday season— why not plan a trip to Oahu? 

Considered one of the world's most magical islands, Oahu offers plenty of activities for all ages. From visiting small quaint towns and enjoying cultural attractions to snorkeling in crystalline waters or learning Hawaiian history at Pearl Harbor— there’s something special waiting around every corner.

So grab your kukui nut lei (Hawaiian garland) and get ready because we have 10 exciting Christmas activities that will make your visit one for the books.


Honolulu City Lights

Experience the holiday season in a magical way and explore what Honolulu City Lights in Oahu, Hawaii has to offer.

From stunning light displays and festive concerts to movie screenings, craft workshops, and more – there's something for everyone at this year's Christmas celebration.

Get ready to embrace all the sights and sounds of this wonderful winter event while discovering an array of activities that will keep you entertained throughout the entire holiday season.


Honolulu City Lights in Oahu, Hawaii offers a variety of festive activities such as light displays, concerts, and workshops to celebrate the holidays.


Oahu's Renowned North Shore Activities

For many people, Christmas on Oahu is a time to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. But not everyone spends their holidays lounging on the beach or at home.

If you’re looking for some exciting activities to keep your friends and family entertained this festive season, then look no further! 

Oahu's North Shore is renowned for its attractions that are perfect for those visiting over the holiday period.

From swimming with dolphins to hilltop hikes, we'll look at all of the amazing activities you must try while spending your Christmas in beautiful Hawaii!


Oahu's North Shore offers a variety of activities, such as swimming with dolphins and hilltop hikes, perfect for visitors to enjoy over the Christmas period.


Pearl Harbor National Monument

Are you after a way to get into the Christmas spirit while in Oahu this winter season? Pearl Harbor National Monument is a beautiful place to celebrate the holidays.

With its rich history and importance to national defense, your experience at Pearl Harbor will be one that will never be forgotten.

Whether it’s taking part in educational programs, witnessing traditional Hawaiian cultural practices or treasured artifacts from World War II – there’s something for everyone at Pearl Harbor this holiday season.

So grab your family and friends and head down to the monument for a pleasant time.


Pearl Harbor National Monument is a great place to visit this winter season for a special holiday experience, with its unique history and activities for everyone.


Experience Ballet Hawaii's Annual Nutcracker Tradition

Each year, Ballet Hawaii’s annual production of The Nutcracker in Oahu is a reminder that the Christmas season is here.

Spectators at this holiday favorite are delighted by the impressive choreography and magnificent costumes presented by the troupe of talented professional dancers and their young apprentices.

As guests enjoy this treasured ballet tradition, they marvel at how the scenery captures a rich sense of culture and beauty unique to Hawaii.

If you're looking for something special to brighten up your holidays, be sure to experience this memorable production of Tchaikovsky's classic. Get ready for a cool night filled with music and dance!


Ballet Hawaii's annual production of The Nutcracker is an enchanting combination of spectacular choreography, magnificent costumes, and a unique Hawaiian atmosphere that make it a must-see holiday spectacle.


Visit Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace, the former residence of the Hawaiian monarchy, is another Christmas activity Oahu has to offfer.

Located in downtown Honolulu, this stunning building is a National Historic Landmark and offers a glimpse into Hawaii's rich past and cultural heritage.

During the holiday season, the palace is decked out in festive decorations, including a massive Christmas tree that adds to the magical atmosphere. Take a tour of the palace to learn about Hawaii's monarchy and experience first-hand the opulent lifestyle of Hawaiian royalty.

Don't miss the chance to visit this stunning palace and immerse yourself in Hawaii's rich history this Christmas season.


During the holiday season, Iolani Palace in Honolulu offers a unique opportunity to learn about Hawaii's monarchy and experience its opulent lifestyle while admiring festive decorations.


Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a wide array of culturally themed activities and events, it is sure to be an experience unlike any other. 

From educational performances on customs and culture to delicious island cuisine, there's something for everyone at the Polynesian Cultural Center during the holiday season. 

Learn about traditional crafts such as lei making or lauhala weaving, take part in exciting games like coconut husking or poi pounding, indulge your taste buds with authentic island food and drinks – these are just some of the amazing activities for Christmas that await you in Oahu. 


The Polynesian Cultural Center offers unique activities and events to experience traditional crafts, exciting games, and delicious island cuisine.


Go to a Luau

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to start planning your holiday getaway. Whether you’re looking for a beach escape or dream snow-filled activities, Oahu has something to offer everyone!

If you’re considering going to Oahu this Christmas, there is one activity we highly recommend - attending an authentic Luau.

While luaus have often been associated with Hawaii, particularly in tourist activities, these events are steeped in Hawaiian tradition and culture that honor each family's history and heritage.

As part of your trip to Oahu for Christmas vacation this year, why not take some time out of your routine sightseeing and shopping to enjoy an evening filled with food, music and dance? 


For a unique holiday experience, consider attending an authentic Luau during your trip to Oahu this Christmas season.


Enjoy a Helicopter Tour

With its stunning landscapes, diverse culture and interesting activities, taking a helicopter tour is a great way to enjoy the views from above.

Imagine soaring high above the lush green landscapes of Oahu, and gazing at the stunning Pacific Ocean from above. From your aerial vantage point, witness the majestic Waimea Canyon, and the famous Diamond Head crater.

The helicopter tour also takes you over pristine beaches, verdant mountains, and cascading waterfalls, offering a breathtaking experience that you'll never forget.

This Christmas, treat yourself to a thrilling helicopter tour in Oahu and witness the island's natural beauty from a unique perspective.


Oahu is a unique destination for your next Christmas getaway, offering stunning landscapes and activities including an helicopter tours to view the island from an incredible bird's eye view.


Surfing on Oahu's North Shore

Oahu's North Shore is known for its massive waves that attract surfers from all around the world.

Don't worry if you're not an expert, there are plenty of surf schools that offer lessons suitable for all levels of experience.

After catching some waves, take a stroll down the quaint town of Haleiwa where you'll be met with an abundance of local shops selling unique souvenirs and delicious food.

There's no better way to celebrate Christmas in Oahu than with a thrilling wave-riding experience.


Oahu's North Shore is the perfect destination for a festive wave-riding experience, with plenty of surf schools and local shops to explore.


See the Fireworks

New Year's Eve in Hawaii is a spectacle like no other, especially when it comes to the fireworks displays at Waikiki Beach and Ko Olina.

Witnessing the grand festivities that mark the ending of one year and the start of another is a remarkable experience not to be missed.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join in this special celebration during your Hawaiian vacation.

Just imagine standing on a sandy beach as midnight approaches, surrounded by fellow revelers all waiting for that moment when bright colors burst into life against the dark sky.

In particular, Waikiki Beach has become synonymous with this tradition - its firework display drawing crowds from far and wide each year.

The combination of warm tropical breezes, rhythmic waves lapping at your feet, and vibrant explosions lighting up over the Pacific Ocean creates an ambiance that truly encapsulates what New Year's Eve in Hawaii is about.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to join in the special New Year's Eve festivities in Hawaii, particularly at Waikiki Beach where a vibrant firework display will light up the night sky.



Embrace Hawaiian culture and take part in festive events that range from cultural activities like the entertainment of the Honolulu City Lights or Ballet Hawaii's production of The Nutcracker, thrilling surfing competitions at Oahu's North Shore, memorials paying tribute to those who served our nation and breathtaking New Year’s fireworks.

All these precious moments make up an extraordinary holiday experience you will never forget. Make sure to visit RealHawaiiTours.com and let them arrange your ideal itinerary for this unique Christmas expedition.

Discover Oahu with experienced guides who know all its secrets, turning your stay in paradise into something truly unforgettable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do they do in Hawaii for Christmas?

Hawaii celebrates Christmas with unique traditions like the Honolulu City Lights event, Ballet Hawaii's Nutcracker performance, traditional Hawaiian games at Polynesian Cultural Center, and surfing competitions on North Shore.

Is Hawaii fun during Christmas?

Absolutely. With a mix of festive events such as city light displays, ballet performances, cultural activities, and thrilling surf competitions - there is never a dull moment in Hawaii during Christmas.

Where is the best place to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii?

Oahu stands out with its diverse range of festivities from city lights in Honolulu to traditional games at Polynesian Cultural Center and wave-catching action on North Shore.

What is there to do on Christmas Day in Waikiki?

In Waikiki, you can enjoy beachside picnics, visit luxury shopping centers decorated for holidays, or dine at restaurants offering special holiday menus. Don't miss the fireworks display over Waikiki Beach.

Is Christmas big in Hawaii?

While Hawaii might not have the typical snowy weather or bustling city streets during the holiday season, Christmas is still a big celebration on the islands.

Locals and visitors alike participate in festive events, such as Christmas parades and tree lightings, and many households decorate their homes with twinkling lights and colorful decorations.

The spi rit of giving is also alive and well in Hawaii during the Christmas season, with numerous community service projects and charity events taking place.

While the atmosphere may be slightly different from other parts of the world, Hawaii embraces the holiday season with open arms and plenty of aloha spirit.

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