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Are you looking for an event that combines the beauty of nature with the spirit of celebration?

If so, Lantern Floating Hawaii should be on your bucket list! Located in Oahu, this annual ceremony is a time-honored tradition and a breathtaking sight.

The lantern floating ceremony is meaningful and beautiful, gathering thousands of individuals to pay tribute in silence to their ancestors before sending hundreds of handcrafted lanterns onto the water as a symbol of hope and honor.

In this blog post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Lantern Floating Festival, one of the best cultural events in Hawaii.


Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival Overview

The Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival is an event that is truly one-of-a-kind. It is a heartbreaking and beautiful experience that brings together people to remember loved ones who have passed away.

The festival takes place annually on Memorial Day and involves a symbolic lantern floating ceremony that is visually stunning.

The event draws thousands of visitors to Hawaii each year, all eager to participate in this powerful spiritual practice.

As the sun sets on the Hawaiian coast, thousands of lanterns are lit and released into the ocean.

What is the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival? 

The Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival is an annual event that has become a beloved tradition in Hawaii.

Each year on Memorial Day, thousands of people gather on the shores of Ala Moana Beach Park to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away.

What is the Purpose of the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival?

It is a way to honor those who have passed on, to come together as a community and share in contemplation and reflection.

When is the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival? 

The festival takes place each year on Memorial Day at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, one of the most picturesque locations on the island.


The Significance and History of the Lantern Floating Hawaii Event

The Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival is a momentous and awe-inspiring event in the Shinnyo Buddhist tradition.

Every year since 1999, tens of thousands of people gather together to honor the memories of loved ones, celebrate humanity's connection, and send wishes of peace and compassion out into the world.

The festival is a sight to behold as thousands of lanterns are released onto the Hawaiian waters, gleaming and twinkling in the night sky.

This event is not just a beautiful show but a deep and meaningful spiritual occasion that connects people from all walks of life in a shared expression of hope, love, and unity.

The Roots of the Tradition

It is deeply rooted in both Japanese and Hawaiian culture. This tradition traces back to the Toro Nagashi ritual in Japan. 

Here in Hawaii, the festival takes on a unique and powerful meaning as locals and tourists come together to honor loved ones and bring closure through the beautiful spectacle of floating lanterns.

Each lantern is a symbol of remembrance, illuminating the path taken by those we have lost.

It is a beautiful way to pay tribute to those who we have loved and lost while also celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Hawaii.

Section Key-Takeaway

The Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival is a yearly event that brings together people of all backgrounds to honor memories of loved ones and send wishes for peace and unity out into the world.


Ala Moana Beach Park - The Venue for Celebration

Held at the beautiful Ala Moana Beach Park, the festival provides the perfect venue for celebration and reflection.

With its picturesque setting and calm waters, festival has the opportunity to float their own personal message-laden lanterns into the ocean.

As the sun sets over the Pacific, families and friends gather together and feel connected to each other.

The Ala Moana Beach Park is truly a special place that sets the stage for a magical and meaningful event.

Section Key-Takeaway

Ala Moana Beach Park provides a beautiful setting for families and friends to come together, float their own message-laden lanterns, and create a magical and meaningful moment.


Shinnyo-en Buddhist Tradition – The Spiritual Backbone of the Event

It is a truly awe-inspiring event in which people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate a tradition that is rooted in the Shinnyo-en Buddhist tradition.

This spiritual emphasizes the attainment of peace and harmony through awareness - something that anyone can achieve.

Inspired by the teachings of Shinso Ito, the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival carries a universal message that resonates with people across the globe.

Whether commemorating loved ones or simply joining in to share hope for the future, participants find comfort and peace in this beautiful ceremony. It truly is a breathtaking event that reminds of the power of unity and spirituality.

The Cultural Fusion at Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival

Imagine a celebration where the best of two cultures come together to create an unforgettable experience.

The Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival does just that, bringing together the traditional Japanese practice of toro Nagashi with the soulful chants of Hawaii.

As the sun sets, participants gather to set paper lanterns carrying their prayers in the ocean. It's a beautiful moment of remembrance that go beyond cultural boundaries and offers hope for the future.

Section Key-Takeaway

The Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival is a powerful event that brings people together to celebrate the Shinnyo-en Buddhist tradition and find strength in unity and spirituality.


Lantern Floating Hawaii – A Time for Reflection

Lantern Floating Hawaii is more than just a festival – it's an experience that leaves visitors with a sense of peace and reflection.

This tradition has its roots in Buddhist culture, but it go beyond all boundaries to become a way for people from all backgrounds to honor and remember their loved ones.

The ceremony draws thousands each year to Ala Moana Beach Park. As the sun sets, lanterns are gently released from the shore to float on the tranquil waters, each carrying prayers for departed souls.

Section Key-Takeaway

Lantern Floating Hawaii is a beautiful tradition that brings people from all backgrounds together to honor and remember their loved ones with lanterns drifting away in the sunset.



From the breathtaking views and light show to the meaningful ceremonial offerings, Lantern Floating Hawaii is an unforgettable event.

Every year, Hawaiians of all backgrounds come together on Memorial Day in a powerful display for the same purpose – to celebrate life and acknowledge loss.

The symbolic significance of the festival goes beyond words; as its popularity steadily grows, it continues to foster shared values among residents in Hawaii and beyond.

Start planning now for next year's festival and don't forget to bring a little color into someone’s world; tie your message onto a lantern and release a float of the peaceful ocean waves for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Floating Lantern Festival in Hawaii?

The Floating Lantern Festival, or Lantern Floating Hawaii event, happens at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu.

Are floating lanterns legal in Hawaii?

Yes, but only during special events like the annual Lantern Floating Hawaii. Outside of these occasions, they are not permitted.

What is the lantern floating on Magic Island?

Lantern floating on Magic Island refers to part of the annual Memorial Day celebrations held at Ala Moana Beach Park.

What is the lantern on Memorial Day?

The lantern on Memorial Day symbolizes remembrance and unity. It's a highlight of Honolulu’s Lantern Floating ceremony which honors loved ones lost.