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Embrace the allure of Oahu waterfalls hiking, a captivating journey that takes you through some of Hawaii's most stunning landscapes. From the family-friendly trail leading to Waimea Falls to the adventurous route towards Lulumahu Falls, each hike offers its unique charm and challenge.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into various waterfall hikes on Oahu Island. You'll discover trails that weave through dense forests, such as Manoa Waterfall Hike – one of the closest waterfall hikes from Waikiki. We also highlight hidden gems like Laie Fall nestled in scenic surroundings.

The thrill-seekers among you will relish our insights about challenging treks like Waimano and Likeke Trails while nature lovers would be intrigued by spots like Jackass Ginger Pool tucked amidst lush greenery or the breathtaking views offered by Ko'olau Mountain Range post heavy rainfall.

As an essential part of your Oahu waterfalls hiking experience, we provide necessary safety precautions to ensure a memorable yet secure exploration of Hawaii’s natural wonderland. Get ready to learn everything you need to know, let's get started!

The Best Oahu Waterfalls Hiking Trails

The Best Oahu Waterfalls Hiking Trails

Let's jump right into the main topic, the best Oahu waterfalls hiking tracks that will keep you in shape while having a ton of fun. And it doesn't matter if you're traveling solo or with your family, as these Oahu hikes are for all travelers.


Waimea Falls

If you're planning a trip to Oahu, you have to check out Waimea Valley. It's got one of the most stunning waterfalls in Hawaii – Waimea Falls. The hike to get there is only 2.9 miles, so it's a good track for pretty much all levels.

The journey to Waimea Falls is an experience in itself. You'll stroll through beautiful botanical gardens and historical sites. And don't worry, even if you have little ones or old folks with you, the path is stroller-friendly.

Once you enter Waimea Valley, the scenery will take your breath away. The waterfall is like a magical curtain of water, inviting you to take a refreshing dip in the pool below.

It's also a great place for history buffs. There's a bunch of ancient Hawaiian culture to learn about. It's not just a hike, it's an educational experience.

To make sure you enjoy these wonders responsibly, book a guided tour with local experts who know their stuff. Check out our recommended tour options at Real Hawaii Tours.

Manoa falls

Manoa Waterfall Hike

Breathtakingly beautiful, the Manoa Waterfall hike should not be missed when visiting Oahu. The journey to Manoa Waterfall is not just about the destination, but also the captivating scenery along the way.

The path to Manoa Falls winds through dense forests with banyan and eucalyptus trees. The lush greenery will make even the toughest parts of the hike enjoyable. Keep an eye out for native birds and wildlife along the way.

Once you catch a glimpse of the breathtaking 150-foot waterfall plunging into a tranquil pool, pause to appreciate its grandeur. But don't rush off just yet – there's more beauty to discover.

One of the reasons why tourists love this hike is its proximity to Waikiki. This is the ideal way to flee from urban life without needing to go too far.

Getting here is a breeze: hop on a bus heading towards ‘University' or ‘Alapai Transit Center', get off at the ‘Manoa Road + Opp East Manoa Road' stop, and follow the signs to the trailhead.

Whether it's morning or later in the day, always remember to bring essentials like sturdy shoes, water, and sunscreen. Respect local customs and stay safe while exploring the trails, especially those on private properties.

Lulumahu & Laie

Lulumahu & Laie

Craving off-the-beaten-path adventures? Lulumahu Falls and Laie Falls Trail are hidden gems in Oahu that offer a unique hiking experience. These trails may not be as renowned as Waimea or Manoa, but they still provide plenty of stunning views and thrilling moments.

The journey to Lulumahu is an adventure itself. This 1.8-mile round trip trail takes you through bamboo forests, past ancient Hawaiian ruins, over streams, and finally leads you to the stunning 50-foot waterfall. Don't forget to wear sturdy shoes for this muddy trek.

Apart from its natural beauty, this trail is also special due to its historical significance. Along the way, you'll come across the remnants of Kaniakapupu Palace – King Kamehameha III's summer home.

Moving on from Lulumahu's lush greenery and history-laden path, you'll find another enchanting route leading up to Laie Waterfall on Oahu's northeastern shorelines. This moderately difficult 7-mile loop offers panoramic views of Windward Oahu, Malaekahana Bay, offshore islands, and mountainside farms. You'll pass through pine forests before reaching the towering waterfalls, providing a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures.

The best time to visit these falls is after heavy rains when they're gushing with water, adding extra charm to your photographs. Take caution when visiting the falls, especially during heavy rains.

Kaipapau Falls

Kaipapau Falls

Kaipapau Falls, located on Oahu's Windward side, offers a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience. The 8.5-mile round trip leads through a lush forest, with the possibility of spotting historic bunkers along the way.

Expect a long, adrenaline-filled journey, as this trail is known for its length and difficulty. Once you reach the falls, you'll be greeted by one of the most remote and spectacular waterfalls on the island.

Post-hike, consider indulging in a meal at North Shore Tacos, famous for their fish tacos and lemonade. Remember, this hike is best suited for experienced hikers due to its challenging nature.

Waimano & Likeke Trails

Waimano & Likeke Trails

If you're a hiking enthusiast looking for an adrenaline rush, Oahu's Waimano and Likeke trails are perfect for you. These trails present a demanding test of your physical and mental strength, while providing you with spectacular sights of the island's natural beauty.

Waimano trail is not for the faint-hearted. This hike takes you through rocky terrains, steep inclines, and lush vegetation. Bring your best hiking boots and get ready to conquer this rugged terrain.

  • Terrain: Rocky spots, steep inclines
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult
  • Hiking Time: Approximately 4-5 hours round trip

This challenging journey ends with a rewarding view of the majestic Waimano Falls cascading down into a serene pool surrounded by tropical foliage. It's worth every step.

Likeke Fall

Likeke Fall

Unlike the strenuous Waimano trail, Likeke offers easier access via shorter routes. This hike can be completed in just 90 minutes. Perfect for those seeking a less physically demanding adventure without compromising on scenic views.

  • Terrain: Muddy paths amidst dense forests
  • Difficulty Level: Easier compared to other waterfall hikes on Oahu Island
  • Hiking Time: Ninety minutes round trip

The highlight of this trail is reaching the enchanting Likeke Waterfall where hikers can cool off before heading back. It's an ideal spot, especially during summer months.

Jackass Ginger Pool

Jackass Ginger Pool & Ko'olau Mountains

If you're a thrill-seeker who loves adventure and natural beauty, Oahu has some unique spots for you. Two of these are the Jackass Ginger Pool and the majestic Ko'olau mountains.

Jackass Ginger Pool

Jackass Ginger Pool, nestled in the heart of Nu'uanu neighborhood in Honolulu, is a hidden gem for nature aficionados. A short hike off of Nu'uanu Pali Drive takes you to this popular swimming hole.

The trail is relatively flat, with a challenging stream crossing if water levels are high. The pool itself is a picturesque 10-foot waterfall surrounded by an 8-foot deep swimming hole.

It's a perfect spot for a refreshing dip after your hike. Along the way, enjoy the bamboo forest and woodland wonderland. Be cautious though, as there have been incidents of slips and falls reported.

This trail is moderately challenging but definitely worth it for those seeking something different. The trek takes approximately half an hour in one direction, so be sure to plan ahead and bring a lot of water.

Ko'olau Mountain Range

Moving away from pools and towards mountain ranges, we find ourselves at the Ko'olau mountains - another gem in Oahu's crown. These towering peaks offer breathtaking views all year round, especially after heavy rains when multiple picturesque landscapes unfold before your eyes.

The best part? You don't even need to embark on an arduous trekking expedition to witness this spectacle as many of these waterfalls become visible right from H3 Highway. So keep an eye out for these stunning sights post rain showers, whether you're driving or taking public transportation around Oahu.

No matter which trails you decide to explore during your vacation in Hawaii, remember essentials like sturdy shoes and sunscreen application. Also, respect local customs, especially when exploring trails on private properties, to ensure safety throughout your journeys.

Safety when hiking waterfalls in Oahu

Safety Trips For Oahu Waterfalls Hiking

Stay safe while exploring Hawaii's diverse terrains. Hiking in this natural wonderland can be thrilling, but only if done responsibly and with care.

Pack the essentials such as tough shoes, lots of H2O, sunblock and bug spray prior to your trekking journey. Respect local customs and regulations when exploring private properties or protected areas. Remember, nature is our shared heritage and must be treated with reverence.

If you're new to hiking or unfamiliar with Oahu's terrain, consider hiring a local guide from Real Hawaii Tours. They know the trails and can ensure your safety.

- Tread lightly: Stick to marked paths to avoid disturbing wildlife habitats or causing erosion.
- Leave no trace: Carry out all trash, including biodegradable items like fruit peels.
- Show respect: Observe posted signs about appropriate behavior, especially at sites with cultural significance.

In case of emergencies during your hikes, have contact numbers for local authorities handy. The Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) Division Enforcement hotline could prove useful.

To sum up, embark on waterfall hikes across beautiful landscapes in Oahu, but take necessary precautions and respect the environment. Happy hiking.

Conclusion waterfalls hiking Oahu


From the majestic Waimea Falls to the hidden gems of Lulumahu and Laie, Oahu offers a variety of breathtaking waterfalls for hiking enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Oahu offers a myriad of unique hiking experiences leading to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls. Whether it's the challenging trek to Kaipapau Falls or the leisurely walk to Jackass Ginger Pool, each trail brings its own set of wonders and rewards.

Always remember to hike responsibly, respect the local ecology, and ensure you're prepared for the terrain. With these stunning destinations in your itinerary, your Hawaiian adventure is bound to be unforgettable. Happy hiking and enjoy the wonders that Oahu has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Waterfall Hikes in Oahu?

Some of the best waterfall hikes in Oahu include Manoa Falls, Waimano Falls, Waimea Falls, Lulumahu Falls, and Likeke Falls. These trails offer a combination of breathtaking views, challenging treks, and stunning waterfalls. Each has its own unique charm, making them worth exploring.

How to Stay Safe While Hiking to Waterfalls in Oahu?

To stay safe while hiking to waterfalls in Oahu, always check weather forecasts before heading out, as rain can make trails slippery and dangerous. Stick to marked paths, wear sturdy shoes for good traction, carry plenty of water, and never hike alone. Also, respect all posted signs and warnings.

What is the Best Time to Go Waterfall Hiking in Oahu?

The best time to go waterfall hiking in Oahu is during the drier months from April to October. However, waterfalls are most voluminous during the wetter winter months. Always check the weather before you go, as heavy rains can make trails muddy and treacherous.

Are There any Specific Rules for Hiking to Waterfalls in Oahu?

Rules for hiking to waterfalls in Oahu include staying on marked trails to protect native vegetation, not leaving any trash behind, and not disturbing wildlife. Some trails may require permits, so it's advisable to check with local authorities or the trail's website before your hike.

What to Pack for a Waterfall Hike in Oahu?

For a waterfall hike in Oahu, pack a sturdy pair of hiking boots, a rain jacket (weather in Hawaii can be unpredictable), plenty of water, snacks, a swimsuit (if you plan to swim), sun protection, and a first-aid kit. Always bring a map or download a trail map on your phone in case you lose signal.

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