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If you’ve heard of the Waikiki Trolley, then you know it can be a great way to explore Oahu—but unfortunately, the Waikiki Trolley to Pearl Harbor route does not currently exist. However, don’t worry! There are plenty of tours available that will take you from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor and back in comfort and style.

How to get to Pearl Harbor from Waikiki

If you’re looking for ways to get from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor, there are plenty of options. Here is a list of the most popular ways to travel between these two iconic Hawaiian destinations:

  1. Self drive with a rental car
  2. Guided tour from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor
  3. Taxi or Rideshare

Self drive with a rental car

Driving yourself is an option if you’d like more control over your arrival and departure time. It can be less of expensive than taking a tour, with the cost being the rental for the day and the gas for the round-trip journey.

This is an option many visitors take but keep in mind that showing up to Pearl Harbor does not guarantee you access to the USS Arizona which is typically the one thing mose visitors want to do especially if you are visiting during summer.

Reservations can be made at Recreation.gov in advance but tickets go fast.

Guided tour from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor

This option is best for someone that doesn’t want to worry about the logistics of securing USS Arizona memorial reservations and how to get back and forth from Pearl Harbor.

Guided Pearl Harbor tours include a guide that narrates the historical importance of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii while taking you to and from Pearl Harbor. Reservations for the memorials are all taken care of whether you are doing a partial day experience or you opted for the full-day experience.


Taxi or Rideshare

Many of the pros and cons for taxis/rideshares are similar to self driving when it comes to getting there and getting reservations for USS Arizona Memorial.

One added hurdle is pricing can be unpredictable for rideshares depending on time of day. Also, though it may be easy to get a ride from Waikiki, it is not alway easy to get a rideshare outside of Waikiki/Honolulu.


With the Waikiki Trolley to Pearl Harbor route not currently running there are still options to getting there. You just have to decide what kind of experience you want.

If you are looking for a hassle free and memorable way to experience this national treasure we recommend you check out the Pearl Harbor tours options.