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a dinosaur pokes its head out of a cement structure on the kualoa jurassic movie tour

The Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Tour is an incredible tour jam-packed with movie history and film sites you’ll absolutely love. The tour picks everyone up at the main ranch area, where a dedicated open-air building displays numerous figurines of life-size dinos to take photos with while you wait for the bus.

You won’t be waiting long, though, as the bus promptly arrived to pick us up right on schedule. Our excellent guide, Thea, showed up with tons of enthusiastic energy and excitement. She told us what to expect about the bus ride, preparing everyone for a bumpy journey as we toured around the expansive estate.

Getting Ready to Enter Jurassic Valley

Before heading into the valley, we climbed a gently sloping hill up to an old war bunker. This museum of movies was absolute heaven for movie lovers. Posters of the various movies filmed in Kualoa were plastered across the walls, along with props from various sets. Our group got to take a leisurely stroll through the bunker…the perfect setup for the rest of the tour!

Our Wonderful Guide Thea

Throughout the tour, our awesome guide Thea brought out an iPad, so we could actually watch the scenes that were filmed in each location we visited! The bus is also outfitted with a nice set of speakers, and the classic Jurassic Park opening song is played throughout the tour to give the full immersive experience.

At one stop, we all got out to take photos by the Jurassic Park sign, and Thea even brought dinosaur figurines. She used the magic of photography to create wild photos that make it look like you’re about to get eaten by a T-Rex!

All in all, this tour was a blast. The guide was totally knowledgeable, clearly enjoyed doing the tour, and added little touches throughout that made the tour extra special.

jurassic park tour guide holds up an ipad so visitors can watch a scene from the movie

Who will Love the Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Tour

Anyone who loves the Jurassic Park movies will LOVE this tour! It’s perfect for families, couples, and individuals who want to learn more about what went into making the movies that so many of us love.

a gorgeous view of the ocean and opposite mountain from the kualoa jurassic valley

When to Book the Jurassic Tour

There’s no particular “best” time to book this tour, as it runs all year long. However, heavy rains would make this tour less ideal, so be sure to check the forecast before booking.

More important, though, is to book this tour as early as possible; It should basically be the second thing you do after booking your flights! Because the tour is one of the most popular at Kualoa, seats fill up quickly, sometimes several weeks or months in advance.

What to Expect on the Jurassic Park Tour

What you can expect to see on the Jurassic Tour is:

  • TONS of gorgeous views of the Kualoa Ranch. The bus travels all the way around the corner of the mountain from the main ranch, into the valley and all the way back around, then heads back over a narrow dirt road to take you to the film location of the newer movie series.
  • A bumpy ride! The tour bus feels super safe, but it does go over some uneven sections. The road is dirt almost the whole way. So, this tour may be a bit difficult if you’ve got any physical injuries, such as back or neck pain.
  • Lots of sun! We took our tour just after noon, which was bright, sunny, and beautiful. That being said, be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, water, and sun protection, especially since the bus is open to the elements.
the entrance to the famous Jurassic World arena from the new movie series

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