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Things to do in Oahu when it rains

When the weather isn’t cooperating on your Hawaiian vacation, it's essential to know the fun things you can do in Oahu when it rains. Despite being a tropical paradise known for its sunny beaches, Hawaii's rainy season shouldn't dampen your holiday spirit.

In this post, we will discuss indoor activities like diving into Hawaiian history at Iolani Palace and Honolulu Museum or shopping until you drop in Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center. We will also discuss savoring unique local cuisine, from traditional poke dishes to dining out.

We'll wrap up with some special highlights such as capturing memories amidst showers and visiting Pearlridge Shopping Center. So stay tuned and learn about all these exciting things to do in Oahu when it rains to stay dry.

Things to Do in Oahu When It Rains

Let's jump right into the main topic, which is the indoor attractions in Oahu that you should know about, especially when coming in the rainy season.

Exploring Hawaii's Rich History at Iolani Palace

Exploring Hawaii's Rich History at Iolani Palace

Nestled in the heart of Honolulu, Iolani Palace is a truly unique destination for history buffs and cultural enthusiasts alike. Built in 1882, the palace was the official residence of Hawaiian monarchs until the United States overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893.

You can explore the majestic halls and rooms where Hawaiian royalty once resided, including the opulent throne room and the private suites of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.

With its carefully preserved architecture and decor, Iolani Palace offers a glimpse into a rich and vibrant era in Hawaiian history and provides a fascinating insight into the traditions and customs of Native Hawaiians. Whether you're an avid historian or simply looking to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Hawaii, Iolani Palace is one of the best things to do in Oahu when it rains.

Visit Pearl Harbor

Visit Pearl Harbor

While a rainy day in Oahu may not be everyone's ideal weather for exploring, visiting Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum during a downpour can add a unique element to your visit. As the rain falls on the serene harbor, it adds a somber and reflective mood to the experience.

Pearl Harbor is a historic naval base located in Oahu, Hawaii. The base was infamously attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, leading to America's involvement in World War II.

Today, Pearl Harbor remains a popular tourist destination and educational site, offering insight into the events that took place, as well as the people and circumstances involved.

You can tour the USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri Memorial, and the Pacific Aviation Museum, among other attractions on the base. With its rich history and significance in US military history, Pearl Harbor stands as a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served and lost their lives in defense of their country.

Learn About Hawaii History at the Honolulu Museum of Art

Learn About Hawaii History at the Honolulu Museum of Art

If you're a history buff or looking for a fun educational activity during your time in Hawaii, make sure to check out the Honolulu Museum of Art.

This museum houses an impressive collection of over 50,000 works of art and artifacts from around the world, particularly emphasizing Hawaii's history and culture.

You can explore exhibits that highlight the islands' monarchy period, see ancient Hawaiian artifacts, and learn about the art and traditions of other Pacific Island cultures.

The Honolulu Museum of Art is the perfect place to deepen your knowledge of Hawaii's fascinating past and present. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your understanding of the Aloha State!

Shop 'Til You Drop in Waikiki and Ala Moana

Shop 'Til You Drop in Waikiki and Ala Moana

Who says the rain should stop the fun? Embrace the opportunity to explore the shopping havens of Waikiki and Ala Moana. From chic boutiques to local artisan shops, there's a treasure trove waiting for you.

Discover unique Hawaiian crafts and high-end fashion, or simply enjoy window shopping. It's a shopper's paradise that offers an unforgettable retail therapy experience, regardless of the weather!

Stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center

One indoor attraction that should definitely be on your rainy day itinerary is the Polynesian Cultural Center. Here, you'll get to experience the rich traditions and fascinating history of Hawaii and other Pacific Island cultures through music, dance, and authentic demonstrations.

With over 42 acres of exhibition space, you'll be sure to stay dry while exploring all the center has to offer.

Don't let a little rain ruin your visit to Oahu - embrace the opportunity to delve deeper into its vibrant cultural heritage at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Shop More At Ala Moana Center

If you prefer a more structured shopping experience, head over to Ala Moana Center. As the largest open-air shopping mall in America, it has something for everyone.

At Ala Moana Center, you can find everything from high-end fashion labels like Louis Vuitton and Chanel to more affordable stores like Zara and Uniqlo and local boutiques featuring Hawaiian designs.

Plus, there are local boutiques showcasing Hawaiian designs. Take a break from shopping and enjoy a delectable meal while viewing the rain outside - that's what both locations have to offer.

Whether you're a fashionista or just looking for a fun indoor activity, Oahu's rainy days provide ample opportunities for memorable shopping adventures.

Stop at Waikiki Aquarium

Spend Time at Waikiki Aquarium

Rainy days are no match for the fun and educational experience that awaits at Waikiki Aquarium. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, this unique attraction offers a variety of exhibits showcasing the diverse marine life found in the Pacific Ocean.

You'll get a chance to marvel at colorful coral reefs, watch playful penguins swim, and even interact with sea stars and hermit crabs in the popular touch pool exhibit. An added bonus of visiting the aquarium on a rainy day is the smaller crowds, allowing for a more intimate viewing experience.

So if you're looking for fun things to do in Oahu when it rains to do while the rain pours outside, look no further than Waikiki Aquarium.

Savoring Hawaiian cuisine

Savoring Unique Cuisine on Oahu

You can still indulge in the island's unique flavors and dishes, rain or shine. You will get a taste of Hawaii's iconic dish, poke, even on a rainy day.

Ono Poke Co. serves up some of the best poke bowls in town, featuring chunks of raw fish marinated with onion, avocado, and shoyu. Vegetarians can also enjoy variations with tofu.

For heartier fare, head to Ono Hawaiian Foods. This cozy eatery offers traditional Hawaiian meals like laulau and kalua pig, served with poi and lomi salmon.

Don't miss out on local favorites like chicken long rice soup, and haupia dessert made from coconut milk. Experience the authentic taste of Hawaii, rain or shine, with these delicious options and things to do in Oahu when it rains.

itrampoline Hawaii

Bounce Your Way to Fun at iTrampoline Hawaii

Don't let the rain dampen your spirits while in Oahu! Instead, make your way to iTrampoline, an indoor haven filled with bouncing fun. With over 14,000 square feet of trampoline space, this place is all about unleashing your inner child.

Dive into foam pits, engage in friendly dodgeball battles, or simply enjoy bouncing around. It's a fantastic spot for both kids and adults to burn off some energy, have a laugh, and create memories. Rainy days can't stop the fun at iTrampoline.

After all, why let the weather bring you down when you can bounce back up?

Bishop Museum in Hawaii

Explore Hawaiian History and Culture At the Bishop Museum

Are you planning a trip to Oahu and looking for a museum that is both rich in history and culture? Look no further than the Bishop Museum!

Located in Honolulu, the Bishop Museum is a world-renowned research institution and museum that showcases the natural and cultural wonders of Hawaii and the Pacific. Here, you'll find a variety of exhibits ranging from ancient Hawaiian artifacts to contemporary Pacific art.

If you're a fan of science, the planetarium will surely leave you starry-eyed. And don't forget to stroll through the stunning Hawaiian Gardens, where you'll be surrounded by an array of tropical plants and flowers native to the islands.

Visiting the Bishop Museum is a must for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Hawaii's fascinating history and culture.

Live music venues Oahu

Enjoy Modern Music Concerts

If you prefer contemporary tunes, Oahu has plenty of venues hosting local bands playing everything from reggae to rock. Blue Note Hawaii is one of Honolulu's premier locations for world-renowned artists across all genres. Sip on tropical cocktails while enjoying great music.

Remember, experiencing Hawaii is not just about sunny beaches and surfing waves - it's also about embracing its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, even when it rains.

See the Whiskey-Making Process at Local Distilleries

See the Whiskey-Making Process at Local Distilleries

Another of the best things to do in Oahu when it rains is experiencing the whiskey-manufacturing journey in person by stopping at a nearby distillery. It's a fun and educational activity that's not weather-dependent.

Take a tour of Kohana Rum Distillery to see how they make their award-winning rum from native Hawaiian sugarcane. Although whiskey production is different, a tour of Kohana Rum Distillery still offers an interesting insight into the world of spirit production. If you're specifically interested in whiskey, check out Hawaii Whisky Company.

You'll be able to learn about the following:

- Fermentation: The first step in creating any spirit involves fermenting grains or fruits with yeast. In this case, barley is typically used for whiskey production.

- Distillation: After fermentation comes distillation - this is when alcohol levels are increased and impurities are removed through heating and cooling processes.

- Aging: The final stage includes aging the distilled product in wooden barrels, which contributes significantly to its flavor profile over time before bottling takes place.

Island Distillers is another great option to explore. They produce vodka from Hawaiian honey and have plans for future whiskies. Whether you're a whiskey enthusiast or just looking for a unique activity, visiting a local distillery is a great way to spend a rainy day in Oahu.

Things to do in Oahu when it rain conclusion


In conclusion, a little rain certainly doesn't dampen the vibrant spirit of Oahu. From diving into history at Pearl Harbor, immersing yourself in the underwater world of Waikiki Aquarium, experiencing royal grandeur at Iolani Palace, to shopping in Waikiki and Ala Moana or bouncing away at iTrampoline—there's always something to do.

And let's not forget the gastronomic journey that awaits with Oahu's unique cuisine. So don't let the rain get you down. Instead, embrace it as an invitation to explore a different side of this Hawaiian paradise. After all, Oahu is beautiful in all weather!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Things to Do When it Rains?

For history buffs, Iolani Palace is a must-see. This stunning 19th-century palace was once the home of Hawaiian royalty and boasts gorgeous architecture and intriguing exhibits.

Another somber but significant site is Pearl Harbor. Here, you can learn about the surprise attack that brought the United States into World War II and pay your respects at the USS Arizona Memorial.

Finally, for art lovers, the Honolulu Museum of Art is a don't-miss destination. With over 50,000 incredible pieces, from ancient European art to contemporary Asian works, there's something for every taste.

When is the Rainiest Month in Oahu?

The rainiest month in Oahu is typically December. However, the weather can vary across different parts of the island. It's important to note that even during the wetter months, rain showers in Hawaii are often brief and localized, so they don't generally disrupt plans. And when they do, you still have plenty of fun things to do in Oahu when it rains!

Can you Enjoy Oahu in the Rain?

Absolutely! Rain or shine, there are endless things to do in Oahu when it rains. A rainy day might even be a great opportunity to explore indoor attractions like the Iolani Palace, the Honolulu Museum of Art, or the Waikiki Aquarium.

Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in retail therapy in the Waikiki area and Ala Moana. For the adventurous, why not try snorkeling in the rain or bouncing around at iTrampoline?

And don't forget about the island's culinary delights - savoring unique Hawaiian cuisine is a joy, whatever the weather. So yes, you can certainly enjoy Oahu in the rain!

Does it Rain More in Oahu or Maui?

Rainfall in both Oahu and Maui can vary greatly depending on the area. On average, Oahu receives more rain, especially in its eastern region, which is home to one of the wettest places on Earth, the Hana Rainforest.

However, Oahu also has areas with high rainfall. It's important to note that showers are often brief and followed by sunshine, even in the rainiest areas.

Is it Better to Bo to Oahu or Maui?

For first-time visitors, Oahu often comes highly recommended. It offers a blend of city and island life with iconic attractions like Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and Diamond Head. However, if you've already been to Oahu, Maui is a fantastic choice for your next visit.

Known as the 'Valley Isle,' Maui offers stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, the famous Road to Hana, and the chance to see humpback whales up close. Both islands promise unique Hawaiian experiences, so you can't go wrong with either!

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