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a beautiful scenic view of the kualoa mountain range

Since our upcoming post is all about the amazing Mālama ʻAina Tour at Kualoa Ranch, we thought we’d share a bit about how you can be a sustainable and conscientious visitor to not only our islands but wherever you go on your travels.

How to Be a Sustainable Visitor

There are many ways to be a sustainable visitor to the Hawaiian Islands. Whether staying at a hotel, Air Bnb, or friend’s house, do your best to limit single-use plastics. Our restaurants now offer biodegradable utensils and containers, and our grocery stores no longer carry plastic bags. Be sure to bring your own bags when you go shopping, and do your best to limit plastic bottle usage.

How to Be a Responsible Ocean-Goer

Hawaiian beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world—plan to bring a bag or container for trash whenever you visit the beaches. Pick up after yourselves and pick up other trash you see on the beach. The phrase “Mālama ʻAina” means “to take care of/ care for the land.” When you mālama ‘aina, it protects the ecosystem and preserves the beauty for all of us.

Purchase and Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Staying protected from the sun during your stay is crucial for a wonderful vacation. The hot Hawaiian sun can burn you much faster, so be sure to apply (and re-apply) sunscreen. Purchase sunscreens with the reef-safe label and avoid aerosol sunscreens. If possible, purchase locally-made reef-safe sunscreens as well!

Be a Safe and Conscientious Visitor

Listen to locals about staying safe by the ocean, on trails, and wherever else you visit. People who have lived and grown up on this island know how to stay safe. Listen to lifeguards, mainly because the ocean is a powerful force of nature. When you choose to disregard advice from official and non-official residents, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Hawaii lifeguards are some of the most skilled in the world, and your safety is their top priority. So, if someone gives you advice, listen to it.

Shop Small and Support Local Businesses in Hawaii!

If you’re staying in Waikīkī, there’s an ABC store on pretty much every corner. ABC Stores are great, but a quick Yelp search will show you tons of local businesses where you can buy handcrafted gifts, apparel, and much more. Choose to support local makers by putting a Mālama Hawaii Market on your itinerary. Here’s the full schedule. These markets feature local food, clothing, jewelry, and craft vendors. Putting your dollars toward locals is another excellent way to be a sustainable visitor to Hawaii.

a farmers market with two women buying produce and a sign reading "buy local"
a beautiful scenic view of the kualoa mountain range

Participate in Educational Tours

There are TONS of great tours, activities, and adventures around the islands. Choosing tours and activities that you’ll love that ALSO educate you and elevate your understanding of Hawaiian history and culture is super easy with Real Hawaii Tours. That’s because we work with a diverse array of tour partners, all of whom we know provide authentic, educational, and fun experiences for visitors and locals alike.

Check out all our Kualoa Tours, where you’re bound to find a tour that everyone will love. Kualoa Ranch is a wonderful option for conscientious and sustainable traveling; this expansive ranch maintains the land, grows local foods, and provides excellent tour experiences to every guest.