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Aloha! | E Komo Mai

Wanting to visit the heart of paradise, where mountains meet turquoise waters? Well, flights to Big Island Hawaii are your magic carpet ride. But navigating through the maze of airline options and finding the perfect flight can be difficult. 

The overwhelming confusion and stress is nothing new. Trying to figure out which airlines fly directly into Kona or Hilo airports. How much time would it require to get from NYC or LA? And let’s not even start on ticket prices…

From tips on booking cheap flights to exploring historical parks in Kona – this guide provides an abundance of insights to make booking your Hawaiian adventure a breeze.

Airlines that Fly to Big Island Hawaii

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Island, knowing which airlines can get you there is essential. Several reputable airlines offer flights to Big Island Hawaii, each offering unique benefits.

Hawaiian Airlines tops the list when it comes to service and convenience. Not only do they provide flights directly from many US cities but also from international locations. They go above and beyond in terms of customer care by offering something known as ‘Travel Credit’. This credit is used on available Hawaiian Airlines published or web fare, adding much more value for frequent flyers.

The Travel Credit covered by Hawaiian Airlines is subject to tariffs, conditions of carriage, rules, and regulations set by them – giving passengers peace of mind on what’s included and excluded upfront. However, keep in mind that this credit has no cash value nor is it transferable.

Diving deeper into these policies will help avoid unwanted surprises during your travel experience – because who wants those? With a good understanding under your belt about how these work – rest assured knowing that your journey would be smooth sailing (or flyin

Honorable Mentions Among Other Carriers

Besides Hawaiian Airlines serving Big Island Hawaii, other noteworthy mentions include United Airlines and Delta Air Lines among others; all ensuring safe journeys over Pacific waters straight onto Kona’s warm shores. These airlines have consistently shown dedication towards passenger comfort while maintaining punctuality records so impressive they’d make Swiss watches blush.

No matter where you are located across America’s broad expanse or even internationally – finding convenient and comfortable flights to Big Island Hawaii is not a challenge. All you need to do now is start packing those swimsuits, hiking boots, and don’t forget your spirit of adventure.

Don’t wait, your Hawaiian dream vacation awaits.

Key Takeaway:

Several reputable airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, offer convenient flights to Big Island Hawaii from various US cities and international locations. Hawaiian Airlines offers a unique ‘Travel Credit’ adding value for frequent flyers. Make sure you have a good understanding of airline policies to avoid surprises and ensure smooth travel. So get packing – your dream Hawaiian vacation is just a click away.

Southwest Airlines Flights to Kona

For those seeking a quality, budget-friendly option for their Big Island getaway, Southwest Airlines is an ideal choice. Renowned for their amiable service and economical rates, Southwest Airlines will ensure a comfortable journey.

Serving Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport, Southwest makes it easy to reach Hawaii’s sunny west coast. The airport itself is conveniently located just 15 minutes from downtown Kailua-Kona.

Booking Your Flight with Southwest

The process of booking flights on Southwest couldn’t be simpler or more user-friendly. With an intuitive website and helpful customer support team, all potential hurdles are swiftly removed.

A few clicks at the Southwest Airlines’ website, and voila. You’ll find yourself browsing through available flights that match your schedule perfectly.

You can choose between Business Select, Anytime or Wanna Get Away fare types based on what suits you best – each providing its own unique set of benefits such as priority boarding or extra Rapid Rewards points.

Note: Be sure to check out their Low Fare Calendar tool which allows you to view the cheapest dates for flying – perfect if your travel plans have some flexibility.

Once booked, prepare yourself for an unmatched experience aboard one of America’s favorite airlines; whether it’s in-flight amenities like free live TV (hello sports fans.), unlimited snacks (yay munchies.), or simply their jovial crew members who make sure every flight feels special.

So pack those bags because exploring Big Island Hawaii is just a flight away with Southwest. Let’s get aloha-ready.

Discovering Historical Parks in Kona

If you’ve booked your flights to Big Island Hawaii, you’re likely excited about the beaches and volcanoes. But make sure not to overlook Kona’s historical parks, which offer unique insights into Hawaii’s rich culture and history.

The first stop on our journey is Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park. This sacred site, once a place of refuge for ancient Hawaiians who broke kapu, or sacred laws. Today, it offers visitors immersive experiences looking into Hawaiian traditions with well-preserved ancient temples and wooden images of Hawaiian deities.

Next up is Kaloko Honokohau National Historical Park. Here, ancient fishponds demonstrate the sheer ingenuity of early Hawaiians in cultivating their food supply. 

Beyond these highlights, there are many more cultural sites waiting to be discovered throughout Kona after your flights land at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport from airlines like Southwest Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines.

A visit to these parks is about more than just seeing old stones and artifacts—it’s an opportunity to connect with Hawaii’s past and understand how its culture has shaped today’s island lifestyle.

“Exploring historical parks gives us context—every carving tells a story; every stone wall echoes centuries-old conversations.”

Dive Deeper Into History

You can further enhance your cultural understanding by participating in guided tours available at both parks where local experts share the stories behind each structure. It not only enriches one’s understanding but preserves these sites for future generations so they too can learn and appreciate Hawaiian history.

As you plan your visit to Kona, remember that its beauty goes far beyond the sandy beaches. Kona is home to journeys through its historical parks and offers a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s past, enriching your island experience.

Key Takeaway:

experience. Take guided tours, interact with ancient artifacts, and really connect with Hawaii’s past – it’s a surefire way to enrich your island journey. There’s so many ways to discover the Big Island of Hawaii.

Experiencing Kona's Coffee Culture

The heart of Hawaii’s coffee culture beats strongest in Kona. This region, located on the West side of the Big Island, is known world-wide for its premium quality coffee beans. Luckily this is an experience every coffee enthusiast can get behind, visit local coffee farms and roasters to get that experience firsthand. 

A standout among these farms is the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. As you wander through this working coffee and macadamia nut farm, you can taste 100% Kona coffee while learning about traditional farming methods from knowledgeable guides who live and breathe this industry.

Tasting Authentic Kona Coffee

Not all beverages are alike, that’s what any coffee enthusiast will tell you. That rings particularly true when sipping on genuine 100% Kona coffee straight from the source at a local farm like the one mentioned above. Offering an unparalleled richness that truly captures the essence of Hawaiian topography.

Why does pure 100% Kona have such an incredible flavor profile? Well, it comes down to geography: volcanic soil paired with tropical climate conditions creates perfect growing conditions for these unique beans. Trust me; once your palate experiences real deal ‘liquid aloha,’ those standard supermarket blends just won’t cut it anymore.

Dive Into The Process Behind Your Brew

In addition to tasting delicious brews, visiting a local farm gives insight into how each cup came to be – from tree to mug. At places like Kona Coffee Living History Farm, you can see the entire process: picking, pulping, drying, and roasting. 

Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker or just enjoy a cup now and then, experiencing Kona’s vibrant coffee culture is not something to miss when planning your  trip to Big Island Hawaii. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for this everyday brew – and maybe some delicious souvenirs.

Key Takeaway:

Immerse yourself in Kona’s vibrant coffee culture when you visit Big Island Hawaii. Get a taste of the world-renowned Kona coffee at local farms. Learn about traditional farming methods and dive into how your favorite brew goes from tree to mug. Trust us, after savoring this ‘liquid aloha,’ your usual supermarket blends just won’t measure up.

Indulging in Kona's Culinary Delights

Kona, located on the west side of Hawaii’s Big Island, is celebrated for its distinctive culinary experiences. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming off one of the flights to Big Island Hawaii, or are a seasoned local, there’s always something new and exciting to try.

One dish that truly stands out is poke. This traditional Hawaiian dish has gained popularity worldwide but tasting it in Kona offers an authentic experience unmatched anywhere else.

Next up on our culinary journey is Kalua roast pig. Prepared utilizing methods passed down through generations, this Hawaiian delicacy provides insight into Hawaii’s cultural heritage while delighting your taste buds.

The Sweet Side of Kona: Malasada Desserts

Moving from savory to sweet, we can’t talk about food in Kona without mentioning malasadas. These Portuguese doughnuts have found their home here in Hawaii and locals take them very seriously.

No visit would be complete without indulging yourself with these sugar-dusted delights – they might just become your favorite part about flying over those beautiful waters on flights to Big Island Hawaii.

Finding Your Favorite Eats

To discover these flavors and more delicious eats waiting for you upon arrival at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport after catching one of many Southwest Airlines flights.

Adventures await in nearby Waikoloa where even more culinary adventures wait. 

Flight Duration to Big Island Hawaii

If you’re planning your dream vacation, knowing the travel time to Big Island Hawaii can help. The flight duration varies depending on your departure city.

From Los Angeles, it’s typically a direct 5-hour flight to Kona International Airport. East coast departures like New York require more time in the air, around 11 hours with one layover usually involved.

Say you’re flying from Chicago – expect roughly an 8-9 hour journey including layovers. Seattle offers shorter flights at about 6 hours non-stop. TravelMath provides specific times for various cities if needed.

Avoiding Jet Lag On Flights To Big Island Hawaii

Frequent travelers know jet lag can dampen even the most exciting trips. But don’t worry. A few strategies may help adjust your body clock faster and make sure that sleepiness doesn’t ruin those beach days or hikes across lava fields.

  • Eat light: Avoid heavy meals during and after long flights as they might disrupt digestion leading to discomfort.
  • H2O is key: Staying hydrated on board is crucial since dehydration often exacerbates symptoms of jet lag.

Moving helps: Simple stretches or walking down aisles during longer parts of your journey promote blood circulation reducing fatigue upon arrival.

Selecting The Best Time For Your Flight

The best time for booking flights largely depends on personal preferences but some general tips could be useful. If budget matters more than comfort, red-eye (overnight) flights are often cheaper. But, if you want to start your vacation refreshed and ready for adventure, daytime flights might be worth the extra bucks.

Another aspect is seasonality. Hawaii is a year-round destination but summer and winter are peak tourist seasons so booking in advance or during shoulder months (April-May & September-October) could land you better deals on airfare.

Key Takeaway:

Try to adjust your sleep schedule a few days before departure, stay hydrated during the flight, and get plenty of sunlight upon arrival. These steps are helpful in ensuring you’re energized and ready to explore Big Island Hawaii as soon as you land.

Cost of Flights to Big Island Hawaii

The cost of airfare can be a significant part of any travel budget, and that’s certainly true when planning flights to Big Island Hawaii. Factors such as your departure city, the time of year you fly, and how far in advance you book can all influence flight prices.

If we look at averages across several major U.S. Round-trip airfare from large US cities such as NYC or LA is usually between $600 and $900. This isn’t set in stone though – savvy travelers who keep an eye out for deals may find cheaper tickets.

A good strategy is to start monitoring fares early on platforms like Skyscanner or Google Flights. These sites allow for tracking the price differences over time as well as alerting you when prices drop.

Tips for Scoring Deals on Your Flight Prices to Big Island Hawaii

Finding cheap flights involves a bit more than just booking well in advance (though that helps.). Consider flying mid-week rather than weekends when demand tends to drive up costs. Also consider off-peak seasons – while winter is the high season in Hawaii due its warm climate contrasting colder mainland weather, fall offers both pleasant temperatures and potentially lower airfares.

You might also explore package deals combining hotels with your flight which sometimes offer savings compared against booking each separately. Hawaiian Airlines Vacations, for instance, provides such options via their package offerings page.

Lastly, if you’re open to a little adventure, flights with longer layovers or multiple stops can sometimes be cheaper. Just make sure the savings are worth the extra travel time.

Frequent Flyer Programs and Credit Card Points

If you often fly for business or pleasure, joining an airline’s frequent flyer program could help reduce costs over time. Many airlines offer these programs where points earned from previous trips can be redeemed on future flights.

However, make sure you take everything into consideration prior to signing up for frequent flyer programs.

Key Takeaway:

Keeping tabs on major city deals, being open to mid-week departures and off-peak seasons can help you score affordable flights to Big Island Hawaii. Utilizing platforms like Skyscanner or Google Flights for price tracking and alerts will prove helpful in your planning. You might also want to consider package deals for flights with longer layovers – they could be your ticket to some great savings.

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Big Island Hawaii

Discovering economical flights to the Big Island of Hawaii doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge. You just have to know where and when to look, and have a good understanding of how airlines price their tickets.

Firstly, flexibility is key. Being open with your travel dates can save you some serious cash on airfare. Most flight search engines let you see prices for a range of dates, so make use of this feature.

Consider booking at off-peak times too – midweek or late-night flights often come up cheaper than weekend or prime-time departures.

Airlines Serving Big Island Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines, among others, offer regular services from various locations across the U.S mainland and beyond directly into Kona International Airport (KOA). Check out their website regularly as they sometimes give away Travel Credits which can help offset your ticket cost.

Southwest Airlines' Deals

If Southwest is more your speed, their site provides an array of options for affordable fares into KOA. Don’t forget that Southwest includes two checked bags in its base fare – no nasty surprises at check-in.

Mind Your Timing

The time you book matters. Flight prices tend to dip during certain periods: Tuesdays around midnight often yield great deals because it’s just after most airlines release weekly sales.

Become an Early Bird

No one likes getting up early but trust me here – airlines often offer their best deals between 6 and 12 weeks before departure. Get in there early to score the biggest savings.

Remember, with a bit of research and flexibility, you can snag some amazing deals for your trip to Big Island Hawaii. Safe travels.


Planning your Hawaiian getaway doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right knowledge, booking flights to Big Island Hawaii can be as smooth as a Kona breeze.

You’ve learned about airlines that whisk you directly into paradise. You’re now equipped with an understanding of Southwest’s services and how easy it is to book flights through them.

Kona has been unveiled for its rich history, vibrant coffee culture, and mouthwatering cuisine – experiences waiting for you on arrival!

The secrets behind calculating flight duration and costs are now in your hands too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly to the Big Island in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta are a few of the many airlines that offer flights to Big Island.

What airport do you fly into for the Big Island in Hawaii?

You’ll most likely touch down at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport when visiting the Big Island.

How do you get to the Big Island from Honolulu?

To reach the Big Island from Honolulu, catch a short flight. It’s about 45 minutes air time.

Is there a ferry from Honolulu to Big Island?

Nope, no ferries currently run between Honolulu and The big island. Flying is your best bet.