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Aloha! | E Komo Mai

The island of Maui is bursting at the seams with fun and exciting events that transform any visit into an adventure. Events Maui is where you’ll find yourself in the thick of weekly street markets buzzing with local crafts and fresh produce or under starlit skies swaying to live jazz tunes.  You might even catch sight of pro surfers taking on towering waves. 

I’m here to share these slices of island life so you can weave them into your own Maui story—a tale filled not only with scenic beauty but also rich experiences shaped by every sunset drum circle and impromptu art show.

Maui Events Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

If you’re dreaming of Maui’s sandy shores and lush landscapes, let the island’s vibrant events calendar be your guide.With weekly festivities and seasonal celebrations, visits year-round are guaranteed to be packed with unforgettable experiences.

Weekly Highlights on the Valley Isle

Sun-soaked days give way to exciting nights as Maui County comes alive with weekly events. Whether it’s strolling through a bustling street market or jamming out at live music venues, there’s always something happening here. You can start by exploring local talent at Kihei Fourth Friday parties—where food trucks serve up delicious bites—or maybe find that perfect keepsake at a Maui street market. 

The energy continues over the weekend where visitors can catch breaking news alerts about spontaneous happenings like skateboard jams or special performances hosted by cultural centers such as MACC Presents. For those looking for serenity among the excitement, why not unwind with some jazz under the stars?

Live Entertainment and Music Scene in Maui

Dive into the Maui art scene where rhythms flow as freely as ocean waves. From intimate gigs featuring island melodies to grand spectacles performed by none other than the renowned Maui Pops Orchestra, each note played contributes to an eclectic symphony that defines entertainment in Maui.

Cultural Celebrations and Festivals on Maui

In true aloha spirit, annual festivals welcome all with open arms; immerse yourself in traditions new and old alike. The Seabury Hall Craft Fair showcases handcrafted goods amidst schoolyard charm while signature events like Love Lahaina honor historic legacies through artful expression.

Outdoor Adventures and Sports Events

Talking about making waves? Watch surfers challenge towering swells during ‘Jaws’ Big Wave Challenge—a testament to both human daringness and nature’s might found only on this majestic island paradise. 

Remember these moments are more than just entries in your planner—they’re opportunities waiting along South Beach palm lines or hidden within West Valley forests. 

With so much going down around town from sunrise past sunset—it looks like sleep will have to wait until you’re back home.

Key Takeaway:

Maui is buzzing with events, offering everything from street markets and live music to cultural festivals and big-wave surfing. There’s never a dull moment, so dive in and let the island’s spirit keep you awake.

Live Entertainment and Music Scene in Maui

If you’re keen to catch the rhythm of Maui, there’s no better way than exploring its live entertainment scene. The island is alive with music for every taste, from intimate jazz sessions under a starlit sky to full-blown orchestral performances.

Jazz Under the Stars

Imagine this: as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and purple, you’re sitting back enjoying ‘Sunset Jazz’ featuring Tadashi Nakamura at one of Maui’s prime venues.      This experience marries local talent like Tadashi Thomas Quartet with spectacular sunset views – it’s pure magic. Check out Maui Arts & Cultural Center, known among locals as MACC, for listings on upcoming jazz nights. 

The musical landscape here isn’t just about ukuleles and hula; it boasts a diversity that mirrors its amazing community. Whether you’re swaying to classical melodies or grooving to modern beats, events like those presented by Maui Pops Orchestra show off an array of genres fitting every taste. 

Music Events Galore

A walk through any town could lead you into a world where music is life itself – especially during Friday parties in Kihei Fourth Friday Town Parties are not-to-miss events packed with live music where both visitors and residents let loose together. These gatherings showcase what makes South Maui tick while food trucks serve up local grinds adding flavor to each beat played out loud.

Venue Spotlight: 810 Kokomo Rd Suite 102  This little-known gem offers weekly performances that make for an unforgettable night filled with only good vibes (and maybe some impromptu dancing). 

Key Takeaway:

Dive into Maui’s music scene for music to match every vibe, from jazz under the stars to electrifying town parties. Check out spots like MACC or hidden gems on Kokomo Road for unforgettable nights of diverse tunes and impromptu dancing.

Cultural Celebrations and Festivals on Maui

Maui’s calendar is dotted with festivals that celebrate its rich heritage. These events bring together the best of local art, music, food, and tradition.

Savoring Local Flavors at Food Festivals

Imagine tasting your way through paradise; this is what you do at Maui’s food festivals. Each event serves up dishes made from island-grown produce. It’s not just about filling your belly—it’s a feast for all senses. The aromas of traditional Hawaiian cuisine mingle with modern twists as chefs show off their culinary prowess using the freshest ingredients. 

Festivals like these embody Maui’s community spirit where locals and visitors alike gather to appreciate the islands’ unique community. For instance, one can’t help but be swept up in the joyous atmosphere when attending an annual juried exhibition showcasing edible masterpieces crafted by gifted hands

A Melting Pot of Arts and Traditions

Dive into a cultural treasure trove at various arts festivals held throughout the year on Maui. From hula competitions that tell stories through dance to galleries displaying contemporary pieces inspired by Hawaii’s landscape—the range is breathtakingly wide. 

Art exhibitions are more than visual; they’re social hubs where dialogues are made between artists and audiences, offering insight into both ancient practices and new interpretations shaped by diverse influences found within Maui County.

Joyful Jams: Music That Moves You

The rhythm of life in Maui resonates deeply during musical celebrations scattered across its shores—from Maui Pops Orchestra performances that sweep you away with symphonic sounds to intimate jazz nights under starry skies presented by Jazz Maui Presents Sunset Jazz Featuring The Tadashi Thomas Quartet. Each note played adds depth to our understanding of this island’s soul—a harmony achieved only when diverse melodies unite in perfect balance. 

With every beat felt beneath bare feet on sandy beaches or reverberating against lush valley walls during outdoor concerts—music becomes yet another thread weaving together the fabric that makes up our beloved Valley Isle experience. 

Key Takeaway: 

Dive into Maui’s heart through its cultural festivals, enjoy the food, art, and music as vibrant celebrations of local life. Taste island-grown delights, witness the storytelling power of hula or get swept up in soulful melodies that echo the spirit of Hawaii.

Outdoor Adventures and Sports Events

If you’ve got a taste for adrenaline, Maui’s natural wonders are your playground. Thrill-seekers flock to the Valley Isle for some of the most exhilarating experiences in Hawaii!

"Jaws" Big Wave Challenge - A Surfer’s Dream

Imagine towering waves that rise like skyscrapers over the North Shore; this is Peahi, better known as “Jaws,” home to one of the world’s most awe-inspiring surf competitions: the “Jaws” Big Wave Challenge . It isn’t just another event; it’s where elite surfers display their bravado against nature’s mightiest swells.  It captivates spectators and challenges athletes with its raw power—a true testament to Maui being a premier water sports destination. 

Sporting events on Maui aren’t confined to surfing alone. Runners can join local enthusiasts at group runs organized by Valley Isle Road Runners. Whether you’re jogging under lush canopies or sprinting along coastal paths, these runs highlight not only physical fitness but also community spirit—because here in Maui, every heartbeat syncs with nature.

Exploring The Island On Foot – Group Runs With Scenic Views

Road running may seem mundane elsewhere but not on an island sculpted by volcanoes and surrounded by azure seas. Imagine pacing through rolling hills while basking in views that span from Haleakala crater down to whale-dotted waters below—that’s what joining a Valley Isle Road Runners group run offers—an opportunity wrapped in stunning vistas.      You’ll share miles with locals who love talking stories about everything from hidden trails to post-run grinds (that’s local speak for food).

Key Takeaway:

Maui’s outdoor events are a thrill-seeker’s paradise, with the “Jaws” Big Wave Challenge showcasing epic surfing and Valley Isle Road Runners offering scenic group runs. It’s more than sports; it’s about culture, community, and connecting with nature in exhilarating ways.

Daily Happenings Around Town

Whether you’re looking for family fun or an evening out with friends, daily happenings around town offer something for everyone.

Street Market & Farmers Market

A stroll down any given street market in Maui is like flipping through a photo album of the community’s culture and livelihood. Picture yourself sifting through colorful stalls bursting with tropical fruits straight from South Maui farms or discovering handmade crafts that tell stories about West Maui traditions. The aroma of freshly prepared food wafts through the air as food trucks line up, ready to serve some grub on the go. 

The farmer’s market scene paints another vibrant picture where fresh produce is king. Locals and visitors alike gather here not only to shop but also to share news topics over juicy mangoes or discuss privacy policy changes amidst bunches of bananas—these gatherings are more than just shopping; they’re a place for connection.

Family Fun Day Out

A stroll down any given street market in Maui is like flipping through a photo album of the community’s culture and livelihood. Picture yourself sifting through colorful stalls bursting with tropical fruits straight from South Maui farms or discovering handmade crafts that tell stories about West Maui traditions. The aroma of freshly prepared food wafts through the air as food trucks line up, ready to serve some grub on the go. 

The farmer’s market scene paints another vibrant picture where fresh produce is king. Locals and visitors alike gather here not only to shop but also to share news topics over juicy mangoes or discuss privacy policy changes amidst bunches of bananas—these gatherings are more than just shopping; they’re a place for connection.

Enjoy interactive activities suitable for all ages at places like Imua Discovery Garden. This magical spot is brimming with interactive activities designed to delight kids and adults alike while teaching them about nature’s wonders—a hands-on approach makes sure learning sticks better than sand after a day at Kihei Fourth Friday celebrations. 

Make sure to check out upcoming events, including free community performances, or plan your visit during one of their special themed days. 

Whether it’s enjoying live music echoing from cultural centers across town or diving into Kihei Fourth Friday parties alongside locals, these moments capture what living (or vacationing) on this island truly means—it’s all about embracing each unique day under Hawaii’s generous sun.

Staying Informed With Local News Updates

Maui is a hub of activity, and staying in the loop with local news can be as refreshing as a dip at Wailea Beach. Think of Maui Now as your digital coconut wireless for everything from breaking news alerts to weather forecasts that help you plan whether to grab sunscreen or an umbrella. 

Imagine walking down Front Street when suddenly you get a notification on your phone about high surf warnings; that’s how quickly breaking news alerts reach you here. You’re not just visiting Maui; you become part of our island ohana, always in the know about road closures, community events, or even shark sightings. 

The importance of knowing what’s happening cannot be stressed enough—especially if it affects your daily plans. So whether it’s keeping tabs on crime statistics so you feel safe exploring every nook and cranny or getting up-to-date weather forecasts ensuring clear skies for Haleakala sunrise adventures, information access is key. And let’s face it: nothing beats free community resources like these to make sure visitors have all they need right at their fingertips.

Daily Happenings Around Town

If there’s one thing we love more than our beautiful beaches here in Maui, it’s sharing what makes this place special with everyone who visits. There are plenty of events. Imagine enjoying live music while munching on some mouthwatering food truck offerings during Kihei Fourth Friday town parties—or finding that perfect keepsake at a vibrant street market buzzing with aloha spirit. 

You’ll find gems such as Seabury Hall Craft Fair showcasing handcrafted goods—a paradise for shoppers—and don’t miss out Imua Discovery Garden where keiki (children) learn through play amidst lush greenery.

Key Takeaway:

Stay connected and vigilant of Maui happenings with digital alerts for news and weather, ensuring you’re prepped for your island adventures. Join the ohana and never miss a beat. 

Dive into local events like Kihei Fourth Friday, explore craft fairs or play areas for kids; there’s always something buzzing with aloha spirit.

Job Opportunities Across The Island

Finding a job in Maui can feel like you’re on an adventure across the island, with opportunities hidden like treasures waiting to be discovered. 

Dive into Maui Now’s job listings and uncover roles that might just align perfectly with your skills. From thriving tourism-driven positions to essential services, each opening reflects the dynamic needs of Maui County. 

The local sports scene isn’t just about catching waves; it offers jobs in coaching and event management. And let’s not forget about the booming real estate market—there are spots open for those who know how to close a deal with aloha spirit.

Upcoming Job Fairs and Employment Events

Gone are the days when job hunting was confined to scrolling through endless lists online. 

To stay ahead of these events, subscribe for breaking news alerts from outlets such as Facebook, ensuring you don’t miss any career fair dates or networking nights worth attending.

Navigating Local Markets: Retail & Food Industry Jobs

If retail therapy is more than just shopping for you—it could be selling too.  Check out vacancies at popular street markets where interacting with locals becomes second nature while showcasing unique products under sunny skies. 

The food truck rally along West Maui serves up delicious opportunities alongside mouth-watering dishes—if culinary arts stir your passion, keep tabs on openings via platforms like Instagram.

Tapping Into Tech: Modern Careers In Paradise

Unearth positions ranging from software development to digital marketing by visiting specialized tech hubs or browsing dedicated sections within established employment resources. 

For creatives seeking their muse in paradise, look no further than cultural centers brimming with artistic ventures requiring innovative minds. 

Remember folks — whether it’s navigating choppy waters in search of big wave thrills or sailing smoothly toward professional fulfillment — finding work on this island is all about exploring every shore.

Key Takeaway:

Maui’s job scene is an adventure of its own, with a treasure trove of gigs from tech to tourism. Keep tabs on job fairs and market stalls for your next opportunity, or ride the wave into sports and real estate careers—all with a dose of island charm.

Connect with Maui Now for the Latest Island Scoop

For those who crave the latest happenings on Maui, there’s no better place to turn than Maui Now on Facebook. It’s a bustling online hub where you can get your daily island news.      Whether it’s breaking stories or sunny weather forecasts that brighten up your feed, they’ve got you covered. 

Catch sight of epic wave rides and scenic sunsets on Maui Today TV via YouTube. Here, visuals reign supreme as they showcase everything from surf reports to cultural events in vibrant clarity—perfect for when reading just won’t do. 

If 280 characters or less is more your style, follow their Twitter account, buzzing with bite-sized updates. Quick-fire posts keep locals and visitors alike informed about last-minute event changes or traffic alerts so you can navigate the Valley Isle like a pro. 

Last but not least, join the visual feast at Maui Now News on Instagram. This is a colorful tapestry of real-time celebrations, local faces, and stunning landscapes that capture the heart of Maui County life. 

No matter which platform tickles your fancy, these channels are surefire ways to stay connected with all things Maui—from live music thrills featuring homegrown talent to Kihei Fourth Friday festivities that transform streets into parties under the stars. And let’s not forget about food trucks serving up mouthwatering eats; it’s where community vibes shine brightest. 

Dive into this digital realm before setting foot at any street market or farmers market across South Maui. With constant updates rolling in faster than Pacific waves—think job listings ripe for picking or special sections spotlighting unique island activities—you’ll be looped into every essential detail ensuring an experience as rich as Hawaiian coffee grounds.

Key Takeaway:

Stay on top of Maui’s latest by following Maui Now across social platforms—Facebook for news, YouTube for visuals, Twitter for quick updates, and Instagram for a colorful snapshot of island life. These channels are your go-to sources to experience the community vibe and catch every detail before hitting local events or markets.


Now you’ve got the scoop on events Maui style. Think surfers braving colossal waves, foodies feasting at local festivals, and families laughing together in discovery gardens. 

Remember these bits: street markets for that authentic Maui vibe; jazz nights to add a sparkle to your evenings; and cultural festivals that bring tradition alive. 

Dive into live music scenes or cheer at big wave challenges—every day is an event here. And let’s not forget those essential news updates keep you clued in. 

Maui doesn’t just charm with its scenery—it invites you to join its pulse. Whether it’s the rush of a skateboard jam or the calm of a farmers market stroll, there’s always something stirring under this island sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most touristy town in Maui?

 Kaanapali is a great spot with many fun activities for the whole family. 

What happened to Lahaina Maui?

Lahaina faced a devastating fire in 2023. 

Is 3 days in Maui enough?

You can hit major highlights in three days, but you’ll miss out on some chill island vibes and hidden gems. 

Is there anything to do in Maui?

Mind-blowing beaches, epic surf spots, lush hikes—Maui’s packed with adventures. You won’t run out of things to do.