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Embarking on Oahu hiking tours is a journey like no other.

The thrill of starting on an Oahu hiking tour can be both exciting and intimidating for those who are new to it.

You're about to step into an adventure that's more than just a hike; it’s an immersion into Hawaii's stunning natural beauty and unique culture. But where do you start?

Choosing the right Oahu hiking tour, whether you're seeking breathtaking views or challenging trails, can make all the difference in your Hawaiian adventure.


5 Best Oahu Hiking Tours

Let's jump right into the main topic - The best Oahu hiking tours.

Do you want your trip to be filled with adventure, breathtaking vistas, and incredible memories? Then Oahu is one of the best options in Hawaii!

Exploring local trails and beaches is the perfect way to make unforgettable moments with friends and family and challenge yourself physically.

Let's get started with this full guide.


Diamond Head Hiking Tour

If you're looking for a hiking adventure that will leave your heart pumping and your eyes mesmerized, the Manoa Falls Waterfall Hiking Tour is right up your alley.

Nestled in Honolulu, this trail is in the lush Manoa Valley and boasts a majestic 150-foot waterfall.

Getting there is a breeze, with many shuttle services available to take you to the trailhead. Once you arrive, you'll be greeted with miles of picturesque scenery and a relatively easy hike that is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

With so much to see and do, a day spent exploring Manoa Falls will be an experience you'll never forget.


A moderately challenging 1.5-2 hour hike at Diamond Head on Oahu provides stunning views of Waikiki and the surrounding ocean that make it a memorable experience.


Rainforest, Waterfall, and Movie Sites Hike

If you are in Oahu and love to experience the great outdoors while getting a good workout, the Rainforest, Waterfall, and Movie Sites Hike could be an ideal choice for you.

This hike has an elevation gain of around 300 feet and lasts for approximately 2.5 hours, taking you through some of the most breathtaking locations in Oahu. When hiking, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and pack some snacks and plenty of water.

As you trek through the rainforest, you'll be amazed by the stunning waterfalls, vibrant flora, and diverse wildlife.

You'll also have a chance to visit the exact spots where some famous movies and TV shows have been shot.

In the end, this hike will be worth it because it offers a complete package of adventure and natural beauty.


Join a hiking tour in Oahu to explore the rainforest, waterfalls, and movie sites on an adventurous journey with stunning natural beauty and a dose of Hollywood glamour.


North Shore Hiking Tour

The North Shore Hiking Tour is one of the best hiking tours you can find in Oahu. With an elevation gain of 800 feet and a duration of 3 hours, it's a moderately challenging hike that offers breathtaking views of the coastline and lush scenery.

Here are some tips for the hike: wear comfortable and sturdy shoes, bring enough water and snacks to fuel your body, and wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

The type of hike is a loop trail, starting and ending at the parking lot near the beginning of the trail.

With views of the ocean and mountains, as well as a chance to spot some Hawaiian wildlife, this hike is well worth the effort.


The North Shore Hiking Tour in Oahu is a moderately challenging 3-hour loop trail with stunning ocean and mountain views.


Manoa Falls Waterfall Hiking Tour

If you're looking for a hiking tour that combines beautiful scenery with a bit of adventure, the Manoa Falls Waterfall Hiking Tour in Oahu is the perfect choice.

Surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular views, this hike is one of the best in the area. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles long and takes about 1-2 hours to complete.

Along the way, you'll see some of the most beautiful places in Oahu, including the stunning Manoa Falls.

This hike is ideal for both beginners and experienced hikers, no matter if you're after a peaceful walk or a more active challenge, this hiking tour is an excellent option!


The Manoa Falls Waterfall Hiking Tour in Oahu is an unforgettable experience that provides an opportunity to disconnect from the city and connect with the natural beauty of Hawaii.


Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike

The Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike is a challenging yet rewarding adventure that any avid hiker should add to their bucket list when visiting Oahu.

The trail boasts an elevation gain of over 1,000 feet, so being prepared with appropriate footwear and plenty of water is essential.

The hike typically takes around 1-2 hours to complete, and although it may be strenuous, the panoramic views at the summit overlooking Hanauma Bay are unbeatable.

This hike is perfect for those who enjoy a mental and physical challenge as it requires perseverance and determination to reach the summit.

Regardless of the effort, the breathtaking views and the sense of accomplishment make this hike an unforgettable experience that is worth it.


The Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike is a challenging but rewarding experience, offering unbeatable panoramic views of Hanauma Bay and a sense of accomplishment for those who persevere and complete it.



This was everything you had to know about the hiking tours in Oahu, from Diamond Head to Koko Head Crater and more!

Of course, when coming to Oahu, relaxing is key, but having fun on one of these trails is also an excellent alternative.

To conclude, we really can't recommend going hiking in Oahu enough, and we're confident you'll have a fabulous time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest trail to hike in Oahu?

The Koko Crater Hike is the hardest hike in Oahu, but it's also a must-try. It's the kind of trail that can really take the wind out of your sails – or rather, out of your lungs – with a total of 1,048 railroad tie steps to climb, with very little shade along the way. That being said, the views at the top are incredible and completely worth the sweat.

How many hiking trails does Oahu have?

Oahu boasts more than 50 official hiking trails that range from easy strolls to strenuous treks, offering diverse experiences for hikers of all skill levels.

How long is Diamond Head hike in Hawaii?

The round trip is around 1.6 miles, with stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape throughout the trail. The hike takes about 2 hours, and we recommend bringing a bottle of water and some snacks, especially when coming for sunrise. There are some steep inclines, but the overall difficulty level is moderate and well worth the effort.

What is the most difficult hike in Hawaii?

Kalalau Trail on Kauai Island, stretching across 11 miles along Na Pali Coast's rugged cliffs and valleys, is often cited as Hawaii's toughest hike.

Is It worth hiking in Oahu?

Hiking in Oahu is definitely worth it! If you're a nature enthusiast, the island has some of the most picturesque trails you'll ever encounter. You'll find mountain ranges with gorgeous ocean views, rainforests with exotic flora and fauna, and waterfalls that make for the perfect Instagram shot.

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