The Mālama ‘Aina Tour Experience at Kualoa Ranch

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a beautiful scenic view of the kualoa mountain range

This awe-inspiring tour gives you a fully immersive experience of the agricultural practices of the Ancient Hawaiian peoples. During the tour, you’ll enter a loʻi (taro patch) and feel what it is like to work the land, listen to a beautiful Hawaiian chant by your guide, and learn all about Hawaiian agriculture and the history of Kualoa Ranch.

This tour is currently only led by one guide—ʻIwi—who actually works and maintains the active taro patch. She works tirelessly to keep this fantastic place functioning. During your tour, you will pull weeds, eradicate invasive apple snails, rinse off in a freshwater stream, and learn how to prepare taro for cooking and eating.

The best part? If you have a kitchen where you are staying, or you are a local, you get to take the taro corms and leaves home with you to cook for a delicious dinner. You’ll conclude the tour with a visit to the Kualoa Farmers Market, where you can purchase homegrown produce, treats like chocolate and honey, and Kualoa grass-fed beef. So ono (delicious)!

Who Will LOVE the Mālama 'Aina Tour in Kāne'ohe?

Anyone interested in Hawaiian culture, farming, sustainability, or Hawaiian history will love this tour. ʻIwi is an excellent and passionate guide. She explains everything with the ease of someone who truly loves what she does.

This tour is great for couples who want to do something unique, anyone who wants to give back to Hawaii, and families with somewhat older children (10+ years old). Because you go into the loʻi, it’s an unforgettable chance to connect with nature and literally play in some mud! This tour is NOT ideal for super young keiki (kids), though, because you work with some sharp tools, and the loʻi can feel a bit deep—we were up to our knees in the mud—so keep in mind how comfortable your kiddos will be.

When Should You Book the Mālama 'Aina Tour?

Most any time of the year is lovely for this tour because this active kalo (taro) farm operates year-round. Definitely check the weather forecast when you are booking, though, so you can avoid a day when it is raining heavily.

Experience the Authenticity of the Mālama 'Aina Tour!

Your tour guide works this loʻi every day. She’s full of wisdom and knowledge, so be sure to ask lots of questions and enjoy this highly authentic experience. The interactive component makes this tour unique because you don’t just listen to a guide speaking. You get to participate in the process, from weeding and harvesting the taro (kalo) to seeing how it’s cut and prepared so it can be re-planted for the next harvest!

What to Expect on the Tour:

  • You will be outside for around 1.5 hours, so plan ahead by bringing lots of sunscreen, wearing comfortable clothing, and bringing hats and sunglasses.
  • Plan to get muddy! You will never be required to go in the loʻi, but it is one of the coolest parts of the tour… so bring a change of clothes if you’ve got another tour that day or want to have clean clothes for afterward.
woman in a pond surrounded by taro leaves
a beautiful panoramic photo of the kualoa mountain range in kaneohe
  • Expect to see some exquisite examples of local farming. Along your drive from the main Ranch site to the Hakipuʻu ahuʻpuaʻa (land division), you see a beautiful vista overlooking the active fishpond, a shrimp farm, kalo (taro) patch, a banana patch, and gorgeous mountain views.

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