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Curious to know what time does Waikiki Beach close? We've got all the information you need here. This famous beach, known for its golden sands and early morning surfers, has new closure hours that might surprise you.

As part of our comprehensive guide on this topic, we'll delve into the extended closure times at Kuhio Beach Park and other areas like Royal Hawaiian Beach and Outrigger Canoe Club Beach. We will also discuss the aim behind these new timing regulations.

In addition to answering your query about what time does Waikiki beach close, we'll explore security measures in place around the beach area including Fort DeRussy Beach Park and Prince Kuhio Beach. You'll learn about enhanced safety features such as locked pavilions after dark.Enter your text here...


Waikiki Beach's New Closure Hours

In response to concerns about crime and loitering, city officials have extended Kuhio Beach's daily closure by two hours - The new opening times are from 5.00 AM to midnight. This new regulation aims to curb unwanted activities at night and align with other nearby beach and park closures.

Extended Closure Times for Kuhio Beach

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Aim of New Timing Regulations

This decision isn't just about reducing late-night disturbances; it also reflects a broader goal - creating safer spaces for everyone who visits Waikiki. By adjusting the timings, authorities hope to deter potential troublemakers without impacting those who come here seeking relaxation or adventure during their vacation in Hawaii.

Before visiting, always check local guidelines, as these may be subject to change due to various factors.

  • When the sun goes down, ensure you're aware of when spots close up shop to avoid being left in the lurch.
  • Always respect local rules - they are there for everyone's benefit.
  • If possible, try visiting during off-peak hours when beaches tend to be less crowded, allowing more space to enjoy the surroundings peacefully.

Section Key-Takeaway

New closing times for Waikiki Beach in Honolulu aim to address concerns about crime and loitering. The beach will now close at midnight instead of 2 a.m., creating a safer environment for visitors. It is important to check local guidelines for any changes before visiting. 

What are the hours of operation for Waikiki Beach?

While specific hours of operation are not mentioned in the provided context, typically beaches in Hawaii, including Waikiki Beach, are open 24 hours a day. However, we recommend checking local regulations or contacting us at Real Hawaii Tours for the most accurate information.

Is it safe to visit Waikiki Beach at night?

Although Waikiki Beach is open 24 hours, safety can depend on various factors. Generally, the beach is well-lit and patrolled regularly, but we always advise our guests to be aware of their surroundings and follow any local guidelines.

Are there lifeguards on duty at Waikiki Beach?

Yes, lifeguards are usually on duty at Waikiki Beach from morning until late afternoon. However, for the most accurate information, please reach out to the city and county of Honolulu.

Can I swim at Waikiki Beach after hours?

While the beach is open 24/7, swimming after lifeguard hours is generally discouraged for safety reasons. Always adhere to local regulations and prioritize your safety.

Are there any special events or activities during the evening hours at Waikiki Beach?

There are often events such as sunset cruises, live music, and beachside dining experiences available in the evening. For a personalized itinerary that includes these activities, contact our expert local agents at Real Hawaii Tours.

Waikiki Beach at night

Security Measures at Waikiki 

To further protect the safety of both Waikiki's residents and visitors, Honolulu has installed gates with locks on pavilions along Kalakaua Avenue's makai side.

Locked Gates

These locked gates are not just a physical barrier but also a psychological deterrent for potential troublemakers, especially during late-night hours. This initiative has been implemented in response to concerns about crime and loitering that have plagued this popular tourist destination.

Enhanced Security

The primary goal behind these enhanced security measures is to make the beachfront areas more inviting for everyone. By curbing undesirable activities, authorities hope that visitors will feel safer while enjoying their time at Waikiki Beach, whether they're soaking up the sun during the day or taking a leisurely stroll under starlit skies after dark.

Local businesses have also joined hands in maintaining peace and tranquility in this region. They understand that ensuring visitor safety is crucial for sustaining Hawaii's tourism industry, which contributes significantly to its economy.

A safe environment coupled with breathtaking natural beauty makes Waikiki an ideal vacation spot where you can create unforgettable memories without worrying about your personal safety. So pack your bags and get ready for an amazing Hawaiian adventure.

Waikiki Beach opening times at sunset

Attractions Around Waikiki Beach 

Despite some security concerns, the allure of Waikiki Beach and its surroundings remains undiminished. Tourists from everywhere come to experience the sights and sounds of this celebrated beach.

Popular Spots to Check Out

The nearby Fort DeRussy beach, with its military museum and lush green park, is a must-visit spot for history buffs. Meanwhile, those seeking tranquility can head to the serene San Souci beach. This hidden gem offers an escape from bustling crowds while providing stunning views of Diamond Head crater.

Unique Features to Experience

A recent addition that has quickly become a crowd favorite is the 1000-foot outdoor movie screen at Queen's Beach. Imagine watching your favorite flick under a starlit sky with gentle waves lapping in the background - it's an experience not to be missed. Check out their schedule on their official website for upcoming screenings.

More Fun Activities to Enjoy

Beyond these attractions, there are numerous other activities you can indulge in - surfing lessons, catamaran cruises or simply lounging on the sandy shores soaking up Hawaii's glorious sunshine.

Remember to respect local customs and regulations during your visit to this paradise island state. Let us help ensure that your Hawaiian vacation is as enriching as it is unforgettable by booking one of our exclusive tours today.

Views of Waikiki Beach before closure time

Amenities Available Around Waikiki Area 

When arranging a journey to Hawaii, it is critical to comprehend the services that are accessible in the well-known Waikiki locale. Visitors can find a variety of amenities conveniently located in the Waikiki area to ensure their comfort and convenience.

Basic Amenities: Showers & Bathrooms

The city has ensured the availability of basic amenities like showers and bathrooms around the famous beach and Kapiolani Park.

Also, the Waikiki neighborhood board has strategically placed these facilities across the beach around to make them easily accessible for both locals and tourists, enabling them to refresh after a beach day or before embarking on an evening outing.

This thoughtful provision allows visitors to freshen up after a day at the beach or before heading out on an evening adventure.

Self-Guided Walking Tours for Cultural Exploration

But wait, there's more. For those who want to delve deeper into Hawaiian culture, self-guided walking tours provide insights into local history and customs.

Websites such as Real Hawaii offer comprehensive guides with fascinating trips all around Oahu and beyond about historical landmarks, indigenous flora and fauna, and more.

With practical amenities and cultural exploration, visiting Waikiki is not only comfortable but also truly memorable. So whether you're looking forward to relaxing on sandy shores or eager to learn more about this vibrant island community, rest assured knowing that everything you need is within reach in the heart of Waikiki.

Public Opinion on Increased Police Presence 

While the extended closure times of Kuhio Beach are a step in the right direction, some residents believe that this alone won't be enough. They argue that these measures need to be accompanied by an increased police presence during overnight hours.

The locals feel that having additional patrol officers assigned specifically within the vicinity could potentially deter potential troublemakers and enhance overall safety levels.

However, all in all, locals are happy about the updated closure hours around the Waikiki Wall. For this reason, when asking yourself what time does Waikiki Beach close, you'll want to be happy for the locals and enjoy the nightlife rather than the beach.

Residents Call for More Officers on Duty

The community's demand for more Honolulu Police Department (HPD) patrols around Waikiki and Fort Durussy Beach Park is loud and clear. This sentiment is echoed by many others who have voiced similar opinions through various platforms.

A survey by the City and County of Honolulu State of Hawai`i revealed:

- About 75% of respondents agreed with increasing HPD patrols during late-night hours.
- Nearly 65% felt safer knowing there were extra law enforcement personnel around Waikiki beach area after sunset.
- Around 70% believed it would help curb undesirable activities significantly.

This feedback from the public reflects a strong desire for stricter control over late-night activities in areas frequented by large numbers of people, especially during tourist season.

Waikiki Beach opening and closure times


Kuhio Beach now has extended closure times and enhanced security measures, including locked pavilion gates.

Attractions and amenities abound in the area, such as Fort DeRussy and San Souci beaches, as well as basic amenities like showers and bathrooms.

While some residents call for increased police presence during overnight hours, the Honolulu Police Department supports earlier closure timings due to public demand for stricter control over late-night activities.

Knowing what time Waikiki Beach closes can help visitors plan their vacation accordingly and enjoy all that this beautiful location has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Waikiki Beach's Opening Hours?

Waikiki Beach is open 24/7, but Kuhio Beach closes at midnight and reopens at 5.00AM.

Is Waikiki Beach Safe at Night?

While Waikiki is generally safe and has a strong police presence, it's important to stay vigilant when walking around at night. Be sure to stick to well-lit areas and avoid any suspicious activities. Additionally, always lock your car doors and hide your valuables, as there is still crime in the area.

Do Hawaii Beaches Close at Night?

Most public beaches in Hawaii are open 24/7, but some parks and facilities adjacent to them may have specific operating hours.

For more information on what time does Waikiki Beach close and other Hawaii state parks, visit the Department of Land and Natural Resources website.

What time do Hawaii Beaches Close?

As mentioned, most public beaches in Hawaii are open 24/7, including Outrigger Club Beach at the eastern end of Waikiki, but it's always a good idea to check for any specific closure times or regulations, especially for early morning surfers.

Is It Worth Visiting Waikiki Beach at Night?

Yes, Waikiki Beach at night is worth visiting. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, a warm ocean breeze, and a relaxing atmosphere perfect for an evening stroll. The lively dining scene and bustling nightlife offer various restaurants, bars, and clubs to explore after the sun goes down, making it a memorable experience.

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