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Family-Friendly Trails in Oahu

Planning a trip and looking for things to do in Oahu with kids?

Well, you're not alone. It's a common challenge faced by many parents.

Finding the perfect blend of kid-friendly activities that are fun yet educational can be quite a task. But this is what separates an ordinary vacation from an unforgettable family adventure.

If you don't know how to plan your itinerary right, you might miss out on some fantastic experiences that Oahu offers.

Let's explore the best things to do in Oahu with kids.


10 Best Activities to do with Kids in Oahu

Ready to discover Oahu with the family? With its golden beaches and diverse cultures, delightful attractions, and unique activities, there’s no wonder why Oahu is a favorite destination for travelers of all ages.

To help you plan the ultimate family trip full of fun experiences your little ones will remember forever, we have rounded up our top 10 best things to do in Oahu with kids!


Swim at Waikiki Beach

Oahu is the most populated of all the islands! Not only is it beautiful with its weather and flora, but it’s also home to an array of exciting activities perfect for families with kids.

One activity we highly recommend is swimming at Waikiki Beach. Whether a beginner swimmer or an Olympian-in-the-making, this beach has something for everyone - from sandy beaches to crystal clear waters and plenty of waves to play around in.

With soft white sand underfoot and calm waters lapping at your toes, it provides a safe playground for young children while adults bask in the Hawaiian sun.

Just around the corner lies Kuhio Beach, which boasts a protected swimming area perfect even for younger kids who may not be strong swimmers yet.


Oahu's Waikiki Beach and Kuhio Beach provide a fun and safe swimming environment for families visiting Hawaii, with soft sand, crystal-clear waters, and plenty of waves.


Splash-Worthy Pools in Waikiki Resorts

Beyond natural water bodies, several resorts in Waikiki have impressive pools designed to delight both kids and parents alike during their visit to Hawaii.

Sheraton Waikiki, home to one of Hawaii's largest oceanfront pools featuring two large sections separated by an elevated walkway catering exclusively towards adults as well as children respectively is worth mentioning.

The Helumoa Playground within Sheraton premises houses freshwater swimming pools complete with a 70-foot long water slide favorite among younger guests.

Lastly, the Royal Hawaiian Center, once frequented by royal dignitaries themselves. Their beachfront pool allows you some quality downtime under sunny skies while your little ones make waves nearby.


Sheraton Waikiki, Helumoa Playground and The Royal Hawaiian Center all offer unique swimming pools that are perfect for kids and adults to explore and enjoy under sunny skies.


Spend Time at Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu has over 160 species of animals. The zoo provides an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about different animals and their habitats.

From tigers to elephants, and even penguins, the Honolulu Zoo has something for every animal lover.

The best part? The zoo offers unique experiences such as feeding the animals and behind-the-scenes tours.

With shaded walkways and peaceful surroundings, a visit to the Honolulu Zoo promises to be a delightful day out for the whole family. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and play with your family!


The Honolulu Zoo is a perfect family outing, with plenty of animals to see and unique experiences like animal feeding and behind-the-scenes tours.


Explore Kualoa Ranch

Ah, the islands of Hawaii - the epitome of paradise that promises days full of adventure and relaxation.

If you're looking for things to do with your family in Oahu, then head on over to Kualoa Ranch!

From indulging in picturesque outdoor activities like ziplining or horseback riding through lush green valleys to discovering the movie sets of Jurassic Park and other blockbusters, you're in for a treat.

Get ready to take a step back into the past while creating unforgettable moments as a family at Kualoa Ranch!


Kualoa Ranch in Oahu offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family, from ziplining and horseback riding to cultural heritage events, allowing everyone to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories.


Taste the Dole Whip

Oahu has an amazing beaches and cultural sites to incredible food! Among the endless attractions, tasting the iconic Dole Whip is one of the must-dos when visiting this tropical paradise.

If your family loves food experiences just as much as they love exploring around Hawaii, then this classic Hawaiian sweet treat should definitely be on the itinerary for your next trip.

There are different places where you can taste the famous ice cream, but the best is at the Dole Plantation, which is were it originated.


Exploring Oahu with us is an amazing journey full of incredible attractions, delicious food, and the iconic Dole Whip!


Learn History at Pearl Harbor

One of the most memorable experiences you and your family can have is at Pearl Harbor – the site of a pivotal moment in world history.

Not only will this experience empower your children to learn about our nation's past, but it will also provide an opportunity for reflection and appreciation.

From taking a boat ride around the harbor on a narrated tour to exploring museums full of artifacts from World War II, Pearl Harbor has plenty of activities and sights for all ages!


Pearl Harbor provides a remarkable learning experience for the whole family with plenty of activities and sights to explore!


Visit The Dole Plantation

Another must-do activity in Oahu with kids is the Dole Plantation.

Here, you will find an immersive plantation adventure where your family can learn about pineapple culture and enjoy endless activities with flavorsome snacks along the way.

This adventure promises not only lots of fun but also captivating education about this treasured part of Hawaiian heritage - all sure to leave your little ones wanting more!


Dole Plantation offers a fun and educational adventure for the whole family to enjoy, full of delicious snacks and fascinating Hawaiian culture.


Discover Sea Life Park Hawaii

Next on our list of things to do in Oahu with kids is Sea Life Park Hawaii, with a wide variety of unforgettable experiences that your little ones will love!

With exciting exhibits and entertaining shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, sharks, penguins and more, Sea Life Park is an educational playground guaranteed to dazzle everyone in the family.

Pack up your swimsuits for a day of splashing around with playful sea creatures or catch a one-of-a-kind show starring some of ocean’s most amazing animals.

You’ll also have access to interactive activities such as touch pools and behind-the-scenes tours so you can explore marine life like never before! 


Sea Life Park Hawaii offers an interactive, family-friendly experience with exciting exhibits and shows featuring dolphins, sharks, and more!


Enjoy Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden

Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden is a one of Oahu’s top attractions, this stunning botanical garden is sure to bring families together with its diverse plant life, scenic beauty, and exciting activities.

From bike rides along paved pathways winding through 500 acres of lush rainforest greenery to educational classes on Hawaii’s native plants and ecology presented by park naturalists (along with plenty more!).

There's so much for kids—and adults—to enjoy at Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden. So don't wait another day; let's explore all the fun things this paradise park has to offer!


Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden is an exciting paradise park with plenty of activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy!


Go Dolphin Watching

An epic way to spend time with your kids on Oahu's glorious beaches, joining a dolphin swimming tour has got to be one of the coolest options.

From making memories that last a lifetime with your children and taking in breathtaking views along the way, Dolphin watching offers something truly special - and it doesn't even require an expensive plane ticket and hotel stay!

Prepare your swimsuits and life vests and get ready for some unforgettable family bonding at its finest.


Join a dolphin swimming tour on Oahu for some unforgettable and cool family bonding!



Oahu is a beautiful and amazing island with many activities for kids to try. From strolling down Waikiki beach, visiting the zoo, and taking in the atmosphere of Pearl Harbor, there are so many possibilities for young adventurers.

However you decide to spend time with the little ones, always remember that safety comes first - but don't forget to enjoy each other's company!

These 10 options provide parents and children an enlightening and exciting way to explore all of the wonders that Oahu has to offer.

You’re sure to forge memories that will last a lifetime! So why not head on over the Hawaiian Islands today and discover Oahu's magical enchantment with your family? We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best family-friendly activities in Oahu?

Oahu offers numerous kid-friendly activities like surfing lessons, visiting Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium, exploring Polynesian Cultural Center, and hiking scenic trails.

Are there any kid-friendly beaches in Oahu?

Yes. Kuhio Beach and Kahanamoku Beach are popular with families for their calm waters. Hilton Lagoon is also great for water sports.

What attractions and museums are suitable for children in Oahu?

Kids will enjoy Bishop Museum's engaging displays, Iolani Palace's historical insights, Pearl Harbor's educational tours, as well as exhibits at Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium.

Are there any kid-friendly restaurants or eateries in Oahu?

Sure. Kids will love local treats from Kahuku Farms or The Hibachi in Kailua. Don't forget to try Hawaii’s famous shave ice.

Are there any special events or festivals that kids can enjoy in Oahu?

Oahu hosts several child-centric events throughout the year including cultural festivals at Polynesian Cultural Center and fun-filled activities at Dole Plantation.

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